Hopepunk City Reviews

I’ve been promoting this game all month, and thought I’d finish the month with some quotes from other people.

Hopepunk City is something of a departure from her previous games. Where they were adventure games, this is more of a stat builder. But she’s put her own spin on it, distilling down the important parts of that type of game while removing a lot of the repetition. It takes place in a near future world that is somewhat terrifying in that I can easily see the path from here to there. The setting/worldbuilding is really well done, and the story is interesting. Ariane’s games have always been closer to “R” rated than “XXX,” but I enjoyed this a lot.

– Tlaero Tora Productions https://www.patreon.com/tora/

The Epilogue was a very fun little wrap-up to a very, VERY fun game. (Although Ariane looks weirdly thin in the Epilogue.) It’s great how many variations there are to play through, all the characters are well-rounded and it’s a surprisingly grounded storyline, given all the… I was gonna say “sci-fi” elements, but perhaps “speculative-fiction” is more accurate. No ridiculous leaps of logic to reach those set-ups, just all-too-possible extrapolations. At any rate, great work!

– LB876 from Patreon

I know I keep banging on, but the game is amazing. If you haven’t bought it yet I absolutely recommend it to you. It’s great fun. Ariane and Rachel are both nearly a dream partner for me

– Tim Organo from Discord

This is probably my weakest review:

Just finished my first full play through. I really enjoyed the first 2 months and the variation of pathways you can take. But the 3rd month is a little too political for my liking. Had no issues with the views as i’m pretty left leaning. Other than that, I’m very impressed with the final product. Great work!

– Will from Patreon

Hopepunk City is a very different game than my previous games, and different than the Adult Visual Novel genre in which it supposedly sits. There is sex and nudity, but there is also an interesting story weaved in between the sex and nudity. Spoiler: There is a “harem” ending in one path, but considering all the adventures you went through to get there it feels meaningful and earned. Anyone can make pixels imitating porn games, I like making adventures.

I’m planning a post on other adult games with stories. They are never as popular as the pure erotic genre, but I know how much work goes into these games, and I kind of wish I had more time to play more of them.


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