Ariane in Paradise 1.11

I am slowly working on Date Ariane Remastered which is a major graphical upgrade to Date Ariane. So much of an upgrade that I consider it a new game. I plan to do similar things to Something’s In The Air and Rachel Meets Ariane, and Hopepunk City is already at peak graphics.

That leaves Ariane in Paradise as a bit of an odd position, because I only made it two years ago with the best graphics I could muster, but my ability to do graphics has improved. So I decided to take a critical look at the images in the game and decided that of the 1080 images in the game, 918 really can’t be improved upon significantly. There are however around 162 images that for one reason or another needed a makeover. In most cases they were set indoors where the rendering engine made the pictures look too pixelated, which I either left as pixelated or I switched to the old ray tracing renderer which gives everything a plastic look.

New technology no longer needs those compromises so, time to do the makeover of those odd 162 images, (which includes all the sex scenes). Since seeing is believing here is the above image in AiP 1.10:

This is the first time I’ve done an upgrade to a game I have been selling for over a year, but I am offering free upgrades to anyone that purchased it.

If you bought the game on, just redownload the game from or download the “demo” patch and do the following:

On PC or Linux, extract the file to the directory where the arianeinparadise.exe is located, say yes to replace files.

On Mac you control-click (right-click) the Ariane in Paradise app, Show  Package Contents, go to Contents/Resources/autorun/ and drag the patch game folder, and if a window pops up, choose “Combine”.

If you bought the game for PC or Mac through the site store, you can download the patch as a “free sample” on right hand side of the page you buy it.
For Mac:
For PC or Linux:

Or you can also go to my patreon page for the free patch available on a public post.

Android cannot be upgraded with a patch, you pretty much have to redownload, again easy if you got it on If you got it on Payloadz, you will have to request a download, which I will happily do but I have to do it manually so it may take up to 48 hours. Or you can repurchase it for $2, which is why it is priced so low, but it is not required.

The newest version is already up in both stores so there is no need to upgrade if you are purchasing new.


  • Hi Ariane,

    I tried installing the patch on Mac OS, as per your instructions. However, I did not get the option to “combine”, only to “stop” or to “replace”. Choosing the latter does indeed replace the original ‘game’ folder with that of the patch, deleting most of the game’s files and breaking the game.
    Luckily, I had made a backup copy of the game beforehand, so I was able to save the original version.
    I then manually replaced the individual files in the patch’s ‘game’ folder and its sub-folders with the files in the original game. Meaning ‘game’ files to ‘game’, ‘gui/overlay’ files to ‘gui/overlay’ and ‘images’ to ‘images’. That worked. It’s just a bit more fiddly than the way you described it. I don’t know *why* it didn’t work. But I am using the most current version of macOS, 12.3.1.

    Just figured I’d post this here as a heads-up for fellow Mac users. 🙂

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