Things To Do With Friends


Some of the events in the game only show up when Ariane just wants to be friends. Here are two of them. You must start with Start of a Romantic Evening first.

Keep dancing
Punch the guy (this is a bad choice)

Ariane now just wants to be friends. In friends mode she may flash her boobs or butt, but will never get completely naked. There are things she will only do with friends. One is go to the Amusement Park:

Let’s go to the Amusement Park
Kiss her goodnight

Another is play a board game. Get out of the club again the same way then:

Continue on to Ariane’s place
Go to the kitchen for dessert
Eat Dessert then go somewhere else
Go to the kitchen
Accept the suggestion (play board game)

The game accurately simulates the ending of a typical Parcheesi™ game. I picked the game because it is a 500 year old game from India and therefore in public domain, and the board shown in the game is also a CC image by Micha Rieser from wiki commons, but the name Parcheesi™ is a registered trademark of Hasbro in the US, so I had to change its name to the original Hindi name.

One comment

  • Does someone ever win the Parcheesi game against Ariane? I made it many times and the same dice points sort out…

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