Ariane in Paradise #3: Day 2 Secrets of the Jungle

overwaterfall1We are starting at Day 2, and regardless of what path you took in Day 1, all paths are open. This walkthrough is about the hike through the jungle and reveal all the hints and tricks needed to not get horribly lost.

Lets start at the beginning with you naked in your hotel room with a text from Ariane inviting you to breakfast.

Dress for Hiking

Thank You (+5 charm) or You Smile Back (+5 sexy)

Get a plate of eggs and bacon…

I wasn’t sure… (this one might not appear if you never met Rachel on Day 1)

Yes we should go hiking… (Other choice leads to coral reef we will cover in part 4)

Just a heads up at this point. During day 1, there were choices you can make to say you are fine with public nudity and choices to say you are not. Because there are fewer options for sexy points if you are not into public nudity, sexy points often count double on day 2 to balance the game. You need 50 to advance to day 3.

If you are RICH or here on BUSINESS:

I heard there are some nice ones where I live too…

Yes, I like hiking when I travel. (+5 charm) or No, I’m not that big of a hiker. (+5 sexy)


I heard there are some nice ones where I live too…

I am but hiking is not my priority. (+5 sexy)


Yes, there are some nice ones where I live too. (+5 charm)


I heard there are some nice ones where I live too… (+5 sexy)


Yes, there are some nice ones where I live too. (+5 charm)

Now for the big maze. By design you can solve the maze by trial and error, but there are some secrets that might make it easier. The short version notes:

1. The maze consists of four points of interest (the start, the hieroglyphs, the log, and the river — which is your goal, and 8 random nearly identical rooms. When you enter the jungle, you are dumped into one of those nearly identical rooms.

2. The “river” path always ends with a left turn, so clicking on “Go left” a few times might result in a quick solution to the maze, or it might end up in an infinite loop because:

3. At least half of the directions are generated at random. This way the maze is always a challenge, but there is exactly one path that works, I’ll share below. This also means the path is “non-euclidean” meaning if you go forward and then backwards, you do not necessarily end up in the same space.

4. This is an emulation of a maze from old text based games like Colossal Cave and Zork. These games did not have graphics, so don’t go by the images. There are 4 dense jungle images that rotate on a loop with every move through the nearly identical path. Usually the solution to these mazes involved either looking around at each stop along the way or dropping inventory items to distinguish each step.

5. After being lost for 5 moves or at the hieroglyphs or log, you will get a choice to “Stop and Think” which will unlock one of two easier to solve versions of the maze. If you are a SCIENCE GEEK you will emulate the looking around solution, if you are an OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST you will emulate the drop inventory.

6. There is also a super easy GPS solution that is available after 10 missteps and a visit to the starting path or the hieroglyphs. Just click “Stop and Think again to unlock it.

7. Exploring the jungle fully finding science stuff or building cairns should get you about 60 charm, if you finish early without using GPS, you are guaranteed at least 45. With GPS, you only get 30 guaranteed.

The Path: Each room can be distinguished by the slightly different description.

#1) You are in a forest of pretty trees and rocks with no trail to follow.
– Science find: quartz crystals
– Go forward to #2
– Go backwards to path start

#2) You are in a pretty forest of trees and rocks with no trail to follow.
– Science find: caladium plants
– Go left to #4
– Go right to #3

#3) You are in a forest with rocks and trees but no trail to follow.
– Science find: Amethyst crystal
– Go forward to hieroglyphs (leaving hieroglyphs returns you here)
– Go left to #2

#4) You are in a rocky forest of trees but with no trail to follow.
– Science find: blue parrot feather
– Go back to #3
– Go right to #5

#5) You are in a forest with trees and pretty rocks and no trail to follow.
– Science find: red cap mushrooms
– Go forward to dead log (leaving dead log returns here)
– Go right to #6

#6) You are in a tree covered rocky forest but without a trail to follow.
– Science find: limestone rocks
– Go forward to #7
– Go backward to #5

#7) You are in a forest with pretty trees and rocks but no trail to follow.
– Science find: large bird prints
– Go backwards to #6
– Go right to #8

#8) You are in a pretty forest of rocks and trees with no trail to follow.
– Science find: cobalt crystals
– Go forwards to #7
– Go left to the river (the end goal)

Jungle Achievements:

“Pop Art” Once at the log:

Examine the log

Examine the log closer

Investigate the reddish glow

Investigate the source of the reddish glow

What’s a soda machine…

Buy sodas for you and Ariane (+10 charm)

So what’s the significance of those words (+5 charm)

“Bird Droppings” To get this achievement, you need to be OK with public nudity, and reach the log, and must have unlocked the scientific finding or cairn building project.

Stop and take a rest

Take off your shirt (+5 sexy)

“Jungle Explorer” To get this achievement, all you have to do is get to the river without using GPS mode.

“Scientific Expedition” To get this achievement, you must have found all the scientific markers before reaching the river.

Important note: DO NOT GO LEFT AT THE COBALT CRYSTAL until you have unlocked all the scientific markers or you will not get the achievement.

Following the river:

The path splits here, one goes to a cave and one goes to a waterfall. We’ll start with the cave first:

Waterfalls are best viewed from below…

I think we are lost…

Sure, couldn’t hurt to knock and ask.

Note, there are two versions of this conversation depending if you are male or female.

Chris is attracted to you if you are male and heavily flirts with you. If you are female, she is just friendly. Male player characters can sleep with Chris, and there is an achievement to do so. If you want the achievement and you are playing as a female, you can save the game, go to “Prefs”, “Main Menu”, “Character”, and click Male then press enter to use the default name Rob.

For the “Pop Art” achievement, ask her “Are you responsible for the soda machine in the forest?”

For the “Chateau FAQ” achievement you must have found both the soda machine and the hieroglyphs in the jungle, then ask every question you can.

What are you doing living out here…

I think that’s enough questions for now.

Take off your… (varies depending on what you are wearing)

For the “Cave FAQ” achievement, ask all the questions you can.

For the “Sex with Christine” achievment,

Wow you are quite beautiful

I’d love to touch your breasts

Ariane, you’ve made it clear…

I think that’s enough…

This will end the game, but give you the achievement. Go back to before the naked waterfall scene and side with Ariane to continue the game further.

You have lovely breasts… (+5 charm and +5 sexy)

I think that’s enough…

Yes the cave and waterfall (+5 charm) or Yes, maybe I… (+5 sexy)

Going to the waterfall:

We climbed up to get here…

Let’s keep going…

I think the biggest problem is that we are wearing too many clothes (+5 sexy)

“Waterfall Nudity” achievement unlocked. If charm is at least 140, and sexy is at least 50, there is an extended version of this scene.

Yes the waterfall was amazing (+10 charm) or Yes I do look… Yes, maybe I… (+5 sexy)

We can rest… (+5 charm) or You still got sandwiches… (+5 sexy)

Back at the hotel:

Of course, friends come first…

If you have at least 150 charm and 50 sexy, and did not ask any questions you shouldn’t have, you should end up in the shower after Ariane leaves and then earn the “Sex with Ariane” achievement to end day 2. Final choice, go with

Of course, friends come first…

which should guarantee you advancement to day 3.