Story 1 Tequila Shots

cantina8Version 1: In the “Options” menu, got to “Prequels” and select “Generic Date”

Key choice: “Your alarm goes off for 7 AM, you forgot to turn it off last night”
Pick: “Call Ariane, and she wants to go out again”

Key choice: “Let’s go… back to my place so I can change”
Pick: “All right, Let’s go.”

Key choice: “What do want to see?”
Pick: “See a Romantic Comedy”

Key choice: “Want to go to a house party?”
Pick: “Let’s stick with the concert”

This version ends with sex at Ariane’s place

Version 2: In the “Options” menu, got to “Prequels” and select “Did It All!!”

Make the same choices but this time Ariane will invite Lydia to her house.

Key choice: “Let me go get it”
Pick 1: “Why don’t I go instead?” or “Why don’t I go with you?”

Lydia breaks out some marijuana and the date ends with everybody stoned.

Pick 2: “Let Ariane go get the beer.”

Key choice: “What do you say are you in?”
Pick: “If Ariane is willing, then I am too.”

Ends with a threesome with Ariane and Lydia with a twist.