SITA Build Notes

I am calling the newest version the “third edition” like a normal novel would. There have only been minor changes to the text and story, predominantly where it comes to events of the “last date with Ariane”. I dropped the ability to import dates, it was not that popular anyways, and instead created 33 “last dates” that cover most of the major events from “Date Ariane”, I left a few events out and left out details to prevent “spoilers” for players who play Something’s In The Air first. Unlike previous versions, you can change the “last date” in the middle of the game. You used to have to start a new game.

Another change from the last version: No more on screen keyboard. It felt a little tacky and not Android compatible. However, there still may be issues with people playing on tablets who cant use their keyboard to type a name in. As a back up, you can pick from a list of 48 male names, including one common name for each letter of the alphabet, 6 silly fictional names, 8 regional ethnic names, and the top male names in America (where the story is set).

Also, buttons are bigger in height, smaller in width. This makes them easier to touch when playing on a small tablet or phone. I changed the main font as well to make it easier to read on smaller screens. I also fixed a few pictures either because they looked bad or they were not consistent with the new Date Ariane.

A new added feature: You can turn off the “soundtrack” music without turning off the important to the plot music. Music in dance scenes, movie scenes and concert scenes will play as normal, but theme music and background music will not play when soundtrack is off.

There is now an Android version, which is not a direct port of the other versions. First, it uses smaller images (1000×560 instead of 1280×720), and the text input issue has been eliminated by just not having a custom name input, and changing the script so that the players name is never mentioned. It has been tested in Android 5, but should work in 3 or 4.

Build 103 for Linux and Android fixes a missing icon file error that caused the screen to freeze while loading. This does not affect Windows or Mac.

Build 104 for Android fixes some inconsistent text display issues in story 3.

Build 105 fixes a game crash.

Build 106 – 110 internal use only.

NEW! June 2016 Build 111 Made the game easier to read with bigger fonts and more correct spelling and grammar. Non-Android versions now have “Skip” and “Text Speed” options the same as Date Ariane.

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