Story 2 The Photoshoot


The following is the best and most efficient way to have a successful date with Rachel:

Key choice: “Your alarm goes off for 7 AM, you forgot to turn it off last night”
Pick: “Go to the local gym, where all the hot women tend to be on Saturday morning”

Key choice: “Looks like all the hottest women are headed to yoga class.”
Pick: “Jump on a treadmill and do some jogging.”

Key choice: “This always happens, Dave goes for the hottest duo you meet.”
Pick: “Let Dave have his way and go talk to the nerdy girl.”

Key choice: “you should probably say something.”
Pick: “Hello.”

Key choice: “Nice start say something else”
Pick: “So I’m supposed to distract you while my friend hits on your friend.”

Key choice: “True, but libraries don’t serve drinks.”
Pick: “So, What is your major?”

Key choice: “Personal reasons. My atmospheric science professor is brilliant.”
Pick: “Do you enjoy the topic though?”

Key choice: “Astrophysics is fascinating, as is biochemistry.”
Pick: “As am I, and I find you mysterious. What do you say to dinner?”

Key choice: “So what can I get you this evening?”
Pick: “I’ll have the vegetarian platter”

Key choice: “So, what do you think of our town so far?”
Pick: “I like it here, I just don’t know many people here yet.”

You have now piqued Rachel’s interest and made a great impression, the next part of the conversation leads to the various endings:

Key choice: “OK, Let’s talk about…”
Pick: “Books”

Key choice: “What do you like to read?”
Pick: “Magazines mostly”

Key choice: “What kind do you read mostly?”
Pick: “Men’s magazines”

Key choice: “Yes, several in fact.”
Pick: “Would you be willing to do nude work?”

Key choice: “Great, what shall we do?”
Pick: “Let’s go to that nightclub”

Key choice: “Well I earned my appearance fee for the night. What do you think we should do?”
Pick: “Let’s avoid the crowd and just leave now.”

Key choice: “So, I’ll be frank with you. We are not having sex.”
Pick: “Whew, that is a relief.”

Key choice: “Of the four head shots, which one do you think I should add to my portfolio?”
Pick: “Number 3”

Key choice: “Of the four full body shots, which one do you think I should add to my portfolio?”
Pick: “Number 4”

Key choice: “I’m thinking that is enough. What do you think?”
Pick: “As artistic nudes go these are very good.”

You go to a beauty salon, then a dress shop, then a concert, then to Rachel’s for a nude photo shoot.