Build Notes for Date Ariane

Store “2021” edition:
Added Discord Presence to PC and Mac versions.
Added Google translations for all previous languages, with select sections (poems for example) imported from old international version.
Added three new achievements, bringing total to 81.

English version 2.0 “HD”:
All pictures are 1500×900 instead of 1000×600, add in the 180px black bar in the bottom and the resolution is now 1080p.
Upgraded the UI to Renpy 7.0 style, choices no longer have a background, cleaner more consistent interface. Updated credit screen and numerous scenes, but did not change the story any. Help screen now incorporated into the interface rather than a separate help file.

English/German version 1.2:
Major graphic update with over 1100 new pictures.
Fixed a bug that would allow Ariane to go downtown naked, and crash the game.
German version now has a help page in German.

International versions 1.0:
French, Portuguese, and German versions are no longer “beta”.
New updated pictures.
New title screen.
When Ariane says “Sure I got some wine” it now appears translated.
Fixed the missing dialogue at the convenience store when Ariane goes there in a dress.
Fixed picture glitch on monkey bars if you don’t swing first.

English version 1.1:

112: Fixed a rare bug that crashed the game if you go too far during dinner.
Fixed the missing dialogue at the convenience store when Ariane goes there in a dress.*

111: Numerous spelling and grammar corrections.
Portions of achievement gallery now only show once you have an achievement to show.
First page of achievements now shows dates, kisses, and sex counts accurately.
Achievement descriptions have been fixed.
Hints now show long enough to read.
Fixed picture glitch on monkey bars if you don’t swing first.*
Pre-dinner swimming no longer crashes due to bad expression errors.
Telescope while cooking steaks now works.
Removed telescope option right after swimming.
Fixed picture glitches right after swimming.
Got rid of music continuing after dancing.
Got rid of poetry reading after the intro.
There is now a “move closer” option to open up pre-dinner kissing and hair stroking (this was in the original online game, I added it back)
There is now a new level of “make out” if there was no pre-dinner kissing (this was in the original online game, I added it back)

110: fixed crashes associated with picnic dinner, and fixed naked monkey bars, and other text issues.
I also added translation credits to four international versions in the gallery.
109: fixed another crash for missing picture going out to dinner, and fixed the endless loop at the drive in.
108: fixed spelling that crashed playing on monkeybars.
107: Fixed some spelling issues like “waking to the park”.
Fixed a bug where Ariane would not give you any credit for doing well in the trivia game Fixed a bug where the game did not check properly if you tried to compliment her too many times. The above fixes have already been made in the international version and the android versions, so they have not been updated.

For PC, Mac and Linux versions only: The code for achievements, dinner, hot tub, and couch make out have been rewritten to be more efficient. You should not notice any changes in game play except the couch make out scene where the appearance of some choices have changed when they appear. I have already made changes to the workarounds to reflect those changes.


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