Downtown Achievements

Designated Driver

This one is the second part of Drinking Problems


Go to the amusement park, covered in Things to Do With Friends

Trivia Buff

Play the trivia game at the bar. Get all 5 questions right.

Some of the answers can be found by typing the question here:

Devil In A Blue Dress

Buy the blue dress at the dress store.

Remember that the outside racks are bottoms and the inside racks are tops. You can avoid matches by picking racks you already know won’t match. In this way you should be able to see what is in each rack until you find the blue top and the blue bottom.

The only way this won’t work is if you accidentally pick a different dress on the first try.

Topless Model

This one requires a bit of luck.

Go to the Lingerie shop (see The Rebecca Trilogy 1 – Marco Polo)

There is a 50-50 shot Ariane will ask for a bra and panty set that is both inexpensive and sexy.

If she also adds comfortable, go with topless – classic panties

If she adds fashionable instead, go with topless – boy shorts

Either way you will get the achievement.

Bottomless Model

This one is a little harder than topless model as you can only achieve it at the Lingerie store while wearing a dress.

To get to the lingerie store in a dress: Start with Backyard Picnic

Have a drink
Go inside
Get dressed and go for a drive
Wait in the hallway
Get in the drivers seat
Go downtown
Lingerie store

This requires a bit of luck. There is a 50-50 shot Ariane will request inexpensive and comfortable for a bra and panty set.

If it also includes sexy, go with pushup bra and no panties

if it also includes fashionable, go with strapless bra and no panties

Twinkle Toes

This one involves the dancing game you get when you go to the nightclub dressed casually.

Prove you are a good dancer by advancing the screen 16 times in as close to perfect rhythm as you can. Use the dance music to get your timing.

Cheat: If you turn on “auto” you will get a perfect score, however to get the achievement you need a DECENT score, so do it without cheating.

Art Expert

Go 6 for 6 when you answer Ariane’s questions at the museum.

Pants Off at the Park will get the achievement. Note that the questions are completely different if you go to the museum when Ariane is in a dress.

Rebecca Shirtless

A specific variation of The Rebecca Trilogy 3 – Rebecca Stays The Night, and Ruins It

Start with Backyard Picnic

Have a drink
Go inside
Put some clothes on (for casual version)
Wait for her in the hallway
Go for a drive
Get in the drivers seat
Go downtown
Lingerie Store

Get past the lingerie puzzle see The Rebecca Trilogy 1 – Marco Polo for how

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca
Dance with Ariane
Go back to the bar
Buy the next round of drinks
Let them continue to dance

Rebecca will take off her shirt while dancing with Ariane, then you all will get kicked out of the bar.

Let’s Go To The Mall

This requires a different Steak Dinner with one more nice and one less drink:

Compliment her looks
Kiss her
I couldn’t help myself, …
Turn on some music
Pick a Country playlist
Change music
Pick a romantic playlist
Dip and kiss her neck
Go somewhere else
Let’s go to the backyard
Have a barbecue steak dinner
Wait for steaks
Drink Wine
Talk to her
Do you enjoy reading?
I like to learn new stuff…
Give her a compliment
Great barbecue skills
Eat Steak
Go for a drive
Get in the passenger seat

You end up at the dress shop with the achievement

Shopping Spree

Go downtown, before you do anything else, successfully buy a dress, then go to the lingerie store in the same date. Pretty easy.

Downtown Nudity

This is a multi date achievement. You need to do 4 things:

Drive downtown naked, see Thing To Do When You Are Naked

Get the Topless Model achievement (naked in the lingerie shop, see above)

Get Ariane to expose her breast at the nightclub The Rebecca Trilogy 3 – Rebecca Stays The Night, and Ruins It and do the dress version

Go to the dress shop and purposely give her two tops or two bottoms so she walks out of the dressing room naked


  • Downtown Nudity doesn’t seem to be achievable in the latest Date Ariane HD 2.0 build 200 released September 9, 2018. I could get it achieved in the older versions. Downtown Nudity here and Cheap Thrills in the House achievements, those are the only 2 achievements I can’t get in the latest version, I have all the other achievements. In previous versions I could get all of the achievements.

  • Downtown Nudity:
    After Steak Dinner:
    – Go to the bedroom to put on a swimsuit
    – Wait in hallway
    – Check out the telescope (get the answer right)
    – Get in the hot tub
    – Suggest playing “Truth or Dare”
    – Truth or Dare (does not matter)
    – Yes or No or Finish dare (does not matter)
    – (Pick a question, does not matter)
    – (wait for her to finish answering)
    – Dare
    – Dare her to get naked
    – Dare
    – Dare her go to the convenience store in towel
    – Offer her $20
    – Pay the beer
    – Go to downtown

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