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“Ask Ariane” is a chat bot I last worked on in 2010, loosely based on the “Alice” chatbot.

It is hosted at pandorabots which since 2010 has gone to become a mobile app company.

Somehow, the chatbot still works, but, I can no longer update it, so all the links it refers to are out of date, and all the movie reviews are pre-2010 movies.  Most people use it for dirty talk anyways.

I’m keeping the link as long as it still works.

26 thoughts on “Ask Ariane

  1. Nqfck

    Why can’t you make a IPA file where we can all download it thorough computer because I really want to play it on iOS plz I want a date Ariane app on my iPhone 🙏 And I know I can play it online but I want an app!!!

    1. HoMi

      This wouldn’t work because: She asks:”Want you to´f**k me?” – His answer “Um…yes”
      And where is the gameplay??? ;o)))

  2. Hello, I just wanted to volunteer to help you out translating the game to Spanish, seeing as the translations seem a bit… off. As Spanish is my primary language, I thought I could help. Thanks.

  3. Just A Guy

    if i translate your game SITA for the portuguese language, can you add this in your official game site? I’m Brazilian and I noticed that the translation is bad because of google translate, how can I contact you and send you the translation?

  4. Callum

    Hi I want to play date ariane for my android device but there is no English version anymore. Mabey I just can’t see it your help would be highly appreciated keep up the good work

  5. Bob

    What is the best way to [lay on IOS Iphone 8S?
    I mean safari at a certain website ? I see many different ones but want t play the most updated version. Thanks in advance. Love the game Very fun

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