Special Date Achievements

Casual Date

Finish the date without changing clothes. Things To Do in the Mountains qualifies.

Friendly Date

Have a date rated 7 or higher as “just friends”. You get to the “just friends” state by messing up on a puzzle or game after dinner. Most “just friends” dates end playing Pachisi.

One way to do it: Romantic Walk on the Beach and Park Photoshoot but instead of going to the park photoshoot, go in the backyard and go swimming, then purposely lose a swim race.


This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Cheap Thrills / Perverted Date” click “Enable”, then start a new date. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Make sure you bring a swimsuit and make sure you choose “Change into your swim suit” instead of following Ariane, sometime during dinner you will get the achievement.

You get this achievement by always picking the “sexy” choice. Give her a hug, read the dirty limerick, dip and kiss her neck while slow dancing, say you watch porn, read dirty magazines or erotic fiction, ask Ariane about posing nude.

Kiss You All Over

There are 6 places you can kiss Ariane: On the couch, while dancing, in the kitchen, in the hot tub, at the lake, and in the car at the scenic spot. End of date kiss does not count. Hit 4 of these locations in the same date to get the achievement. The path Start of a romantic evening starts with kisses on couch and dancing, Romantic Walk on the Beach and Park Photoshoot will get you a third on the lake before the photoshoot starts. Instead of “Going to the kitchen to find something to do”, either go to the convenience store for beer, and kiss in the kitchen, or go to the hot tub and kiss there. It’s possible to do them both, but Ariane will overdose on kissing and call the date over. Either way the achievement is yours.

Sex Endurance

Easy one Sex on the Couch will do it.

Note: the original Date Ariane had 5 other achievements that either required excessive amounts of research to do, or was done with walkthroughs, so I dropped them.