Romantic Walk on the Beach and Park Photoshoot

This one starts with Start of a Romantic Evening.

This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Boat Trip” click “Enable”, then load up a save of “Start of a Romantic Evening”. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Note: Where there is more than one choice, you might have to do one, then the other when you get to the choice page again. If you did not save an opening, enable “Start of a Romantic Evening” as well and start a new game from the beginning.

Keep dancing
Protect Ariane
Head to outskirts
Drive to the lake
Walk on the beach
Don't Answer
Don't Answer
I’d rather pursue you
Grab her breast
Take your clothes off too
Dance with her on the beach

We should both get dressed
We don't need clothes

The next event will have different results depending on your choice here, do one then come back and do the other.

Go to the kitchen and find something to do
Go take some photos at the park
Take a chance (dress version)
Let’s take our chances (towel version)
Pose nude (towel version)

I am not going to spell out the choices from here since they are obvious, this is the only way to get to the park photoshoot without getting a lucky spin of the bottle.

If you picked “We should both get dressed” you will get the dress photoshoot in front of the fountain, if you picked “We don’t need clothes” you will get the nothing but a towel photoshoot on the playground equipment. The third photoshoot, bikini in front of a fountain, can be only be done with a lucky spin of the bottle after steak or pizza dinner while still fully clothed or in a bikini.

Go to the kitchen for dessert
Play Spin the Bottle
One in four chance of "Park Photo Shoot", if not go back a few frames, it will change again.
Go take modeling photos at the park
Follow her in to the bedroom
Let her put her bikini on
Follow her to the park

and so on…