What’s a Visual Novel?

A Visual Novel is a story based video game. They are extremely popular in Japan. Think of it as a cross between a “Choose Your Own Adventure” comic book, and an adventure game with puzzles to solve. While comic books traditionally feature action stories involving super heroes, and computer adventure games traditionally feature mystery stories, visual novels are traditionally romantic stories. Visual novels (like comic books and adventure games) can really be about any genre, though Something’s In The Air is a romantic comedy. More info on my blog or on wikipedia.

Why make a Visual Novel?

Technically speaking Date Ariane is a visual novel, though an odd example of one. Most have more dialogue, a story to follow, and better defined choices that branch off instead of going around in circles. Date Ariane pretty much exhausted what is possible in that format of visual novel, so I decided for the sequel to make a more traditional style visual novel. Having played a few of the Japanese variety, I decided to Americanize the concept: 3D instead of Manga style drawings, with age 20-something characters in American bars and clubs instead of the over used Japanese teenagers in school settings. I am also following American style storytelling, encompassing a larger plot divided among parallel branching stories. This is my attempt to bring the Visual Novel to American audiences.

Why do I have to download and run a program instead of play online?

Something’s In The Air was written for Renpy, a well respected open source visual novel engine used by hundreds of games. Besides pictures and text, it can include music, sound effects, and voice (which I don’t use), as well as special visual effects not possible in HTML. Renpy also allows you to save games, auto forward time, run in windowed or full screen modes. Date Ariane is now in Renpy as well.

Can I share and redistribute the game?

No, Something’s In The Air is Copyrighted, and the only legal places of distribution are the site store and the itch.io store.

Can I mod the game?

For your own use? Yes you can. There is a subdirectory in the download called “game” where you will find all the pictures and Renpy text files used in the game. As long as you don’t redistribute your modified game, you can customize it all you want. You may need to download the Renpy developers kit and a text editor. Check the help file for information on customizing the sound and music.

How do I start the game over?

Saved games are located in two places, so you need to erase both to start over:

1. Not sure where to find it on Mac or Linux, but on a windows computer you can find it by typing “%appdata%” in your computer’s search field, then click, “roaming”, then “renpy”, then “SomethingsInTheAir”.

2. Another copy can be found in the game directory. Go to where you installed the game, open “games” then “saves”

In these directories, you will find a file called “persistent”. If you delete both of these files, all the game data will be erased and it will be like you are starting the game brand new. You can also delete old saved games as well.

I have not tested it, but old saved games are unlikely to work on the third edition.

I like the music, is there a soundtrack album?

Most of the music is by Marc Riedinger, and most of it can be purchased here. I would just retitle the tracks: 1) Paula’s Lab, 2) Raptor Hunt, 3) Tower of Ion, 4) SITA Main Title, 6) Veronica’s Ride, 7) Rock Golem, 8) The Maguffin Job, 9) Forest Trail, 10) The LARP, 11) Sci-Fi Convention, 12) Medusa, 13) Dance of the Vampire Stripper.

Why a new version?

I am calling the newest version the “fourth edition” like a normal novel would. There have only been minor changes to the text and story, predominantly where it comes to events of the “last date with Ariane”.  You pick what happened in the game itself instead of in the preferences menu.

See this post for more details of the recent changes.


  • I am really, really new on this game. All I want to know is, what game comes first? What’s the order of them? Please let me know as I want to try this game out and start from the very first bit.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • how do I install the game???????

  • Sita is fully translated into portuguese?

  • If you want i can translate it

  • Something’s In The Air (SITA portuguese)

    baixei o game e esta travando totalmente no começo da historia 4.
    oque devo fazer ? trava como se tivesse faltando algum arquivo.
    quero acabar de concluir os objetivos do jogo, se tiver alguma solução me ajude por favor!
    meu pc é windows 7

    • Olá Ariane B, me responda quando puder…
      esta travando na parte 4, não sei oque é e quero continuar jogando

  • Im really having problem downloading from the link you provided us. Is there any other alternative download, like a direct link or something?

  • Hey,ArianeB. Can you help me with SITA?I can’t seem to download it keeps saying “Unexpected end of archive.Help pls….

  • i hope thats right and sorry for the late reply im quite busy yesterday

  • Do you want to learn French in this game Something’s In The Air because I like Date ariane
    Continued like this you are great and congratulations for the work

  • Can you do a French version for something in the air

  • Checkpoint Charlie


    I found a bug in Date Ariane for Android. I captured the error traceback. How can I report you this?

    Also thanks for this game. It actually helped improving my self-steem!

  • Need help when i open SITA.exe it just stays put and not do anything?

  • How the heck do I the Date Ariane game to work.. I can find bits and pieces of it on my computer, but I can not find the game as a whole to make it work. I do not find a single connection to make it work anywhere on my computer. What good is your site when I can not make it work at all?

    • once downloaded, it should be in your download folder (ctrl-J). Extract the zip to a new folder, then open that folder and double click on the dateariane.exe file.

  • Whatever I try downloading from the provided links doesn’t work. When I try extracting the zip-file using WinRAR it only says “corrupted archive”. Are the links outdated? Is there any other way to download the game?
    Thanks for your response.

  • Hi. Having a look on game path I have checked the images folder and discovered some images of Ariane on vacation (arivacendX.jpg).

    How do you get there? I have all the 25 endings and didn’t get there at any of them.


  • Idk if anyones gonna read but I keep having the same problem with every online game I try to download, I play on android, Galaxy Tab A, and I can download the games but when I try to open them and after it says “Staging game” it says “App not installed”. For some reason the only game it ever has worked for is ariane in paradise(so good game). If anyone has any clues please help me, and yes I’m pretty sure I’ve allowed it on settings

  • Is there a way to play the old versions? Or can you only plat the new version?

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