Story 4 Something’s In The Air


Key choice: “Your alarm goes off for 7 AM, you forgot to turn it off last night”
Pick: “Hang out at home and play some online games”


Key choice: “Who are you going to give the energy doubler to?”
Pick: “Thum the Barbarian gets it”

Key choice: “Speaking of which, who is going to be the other runner? I can’t taunt on the run so someone else.”
Pick: “Mage Cassandra”

Key choice: “We have a number of possible strategies. What do you think we should try?”
Pick: “Stealth around them”

Game: Boss fight!
Pick: “Damage Arrow”
Pick: “Damage Arrow”
Pick: “Interrupt Arrow”
Pick: “Damage Arrow”
Pick: “Damage Arrow”
Pick: “Damage Arrow”

Game: Token game

  1. Take your white token, Go to the hotel, put token in vending machine, you now have blue.
  2. Go to the lingerie store, give your blue token for a yellow.
  3. Skip the nightclub and go to the museum, exchange yellow for white.
  4. Go to the restaurant, exchange white for blue.
  5. Skip the salon and go to the home store, give blue, get red.
  6. At the dress shop, turn in your red, get a green.
  7. At the night club, give a green, get a green.
  8. Finish off at Heidi’s Salon, and see Ariane getting her hair cut, they will take the green, does not matter what you take as the puzzle is complete.

Game: Weather control
Each line is a number line where the middle of green is 0 and the left edge of green is -1 and the right is +1.
Temperature, humidity and pressure vary from -10 to +10, Ionization is -15 to +5.

The four devices range from 0 (red) to 3.
My general strategy is to focus on Ionization first and play with device 3 and 4 to get Ionization in the green.
Then focus on Temperature, playing with device 1 (which raises temp) and device 2 (which lowers temp) to get Temperature green.
You can then fine tune the controls until Humidity and Pressure are also green.
It usually only takes a few tries to get it this way.


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