The Rebecca Trilogy 2: Rebecca at the Strip Club

This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Rebecca at the Strip Club” click “Enable”, then load up a save of pizza dinner or steak dinner. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Note: Where there is more than one choice, you might have to do one, then the other when you get to the choice page again. If you did not save an opening, enable “Pizza Dinner” or “Steak Dinner” as well and start a new game from the beginning.

Again, start with Pizza Dinner or Steak Dinner, then we are going to start by a trip to the night club first:

Go for a drive
Get in the drivers seat
Go downtown
Go to the nightclub

A new puzzle: prove you are a good dancer by advancing the screen 16 times in as close to perfect rhythm as you can. Use the dance music to get your timing. Cheat: If you turn on “auto” you will get a perfect score.

Leave the club

Now we will meet Rebecca, but this time we can’t go to the bar:

Lingerie Store

Get past the lingerie puzzle see The Rebecca Trilogy 1 – Marco Polo for how, then we see Rebecca

Discuss other options with Rebecca
Be adventurous and take a chance

You are now at the strip club with Rebecca:

Stay and watch Rebecca’s show
Wait for Rebecca
See if Rebecca can talk her into it
Encourage Ariane to dance

Note: You can follow the path used in Amateur Night at the Live Cabaret except Ariane won’t do the “Live Sex Act” in front of Rebecca. The formula for success in the strip club is:
1. You must do each type of dance at least once (Pole, chair, sexy, touch)
2. You must do at least 5 moves
3. You must strip to your underwear
4. You must do at least once dance move before removing her shirt or skirt
5. Once in her underwear, you must do three moves before removing bra, and another three before thong, and another three, with touching being last, before “Live Sex Act” if Rebecca is not there.
6. No dance move can be done more than twice before she gets nude, one more each after that.
If you follow the rules:

Invite Rebecca Along
Agree to do a show

Rules for doing a successful strip act are similar to Ariane, except there are only 3 moves you can do, you still have to do all 3, at least 4, and get down to your underwear to succeed. But a perfect show would be:

Move your hips
Take off your Shirt
Bop your head
Take off your Pants
Shake your Ass
Move your hips
Take off your undies
Move in closer
End Show
I say let’s do it

Now we see what happens if you go to the bar first, next we will swim first which will result in a few other possible Rebecca stories.