The Rebecca Trilogy 1: Marco Polo

This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Marco Polo” click “Enable”, then load up a save of pizza dinner or steak dinner. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Note: Where there is more than one choice, you might have to do one, then the other when you get to the choice page again. If you did not save an opening, enable “Pizza Dinner” or “Steak Dinner” as well and start a new game from the beginning.

Start with Pizza Dinner or Steak Dinner, then:

Go for a drive
Get in the drivers seat
Go downtown
Lingerie Store

Note what Ariane is asking for, she will ask for three of four qualities. The possibilities are inexpensive, comfortable, fashionable, and sexy.

Each bra represents two of those qualities:
topless = inexpensive, sexy
wonder bra = fashionable, sexy
sports bra = inexpensive, comfortable
strapless = comfortable, fashionable

Each panties represents one of those qualities:
bottomless = inexpensive
classic = comfortable
boy shorts = fashionable
thong = sexy

There are two right answers, out of 16 choices, and you get three tries to get it right.

(pick required answer)

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca
Buy the next round of drinks
Let them continue to dance

The three of you are now in Ariane’s backyard there are multiple possibilities here:

Vote for Skinny Dipping
Say ‘POLO’
Say ‘POLO’

If you follow the voices you will eventually tag who you are looking for, Rebecca makes more noise, so following the noise, will likely tag Rebecca. The quickest path leading to Ariane is:

Move towards Rebecca
Move to the LEFT

Instead of swimming, you could also go this route:

Go inside for drinks instead
Wait in the hall
Go to the backyard
Get in the hot tub
Suggest playing “Truth or Dare”
Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?
Dare her to steal Rebecca’s clothes