Rachel And Ariane On Holiday: New Years Eve

So far this holiday week Rachel and Ariane had spent every day doing something fun, but that was not possible on New Years Eve as Rachel had a prior appointment out of town…


The morning of New Years Eve, Rachel got a knock on the door by a limo driver there to pick her up. It was a one night trip and she did not need to bring anything.

She was driven to the back lot of the airport where a private jet was there to meet her.

The plane landed in a private strip in New Jersey where another limo drove her to a hotel in Manhattan.


At the hotel she was met with hair and makeup artists and a selection of designer gowns to choose from, which took a good chunk of the afternoon.

Ronald Ellison picked her up at 7PM, and by 8PM they were walking the red carpet to the hottest New Year’s Eve party in the city.

Mr. Ellison walked her around the room, where she met some celebrities. She also collected many professional contacts who wanted to work with Mr. Ellison’s latest “it” girl, which she forwarded to her agent. She was also offered a modeling job for a major magazine on the spot.

The two of them left early, not staying until midnight. Mr. Ellison was no longer young enough to care about that stuff.

He dropped Rachel off at her hotel. Rachel gave him a thank you kiss at the door.


As she walked to her room Rachel decided to give Ariane a call. “Hey girl, I just got done with my party.”

“Really? It’s not even midnight yet?” Ariane says on the other end sounding surprised.

“Yeah, I went to the party to make business contacts and did just that, but it gets harder as everyone gets drunk and baked,” explained Rachel.  “I hear a lot of talking the background, are you at the block party?”

The background noise suddenly goes silent as Ariane mutes the TV, “Actually, I’m watching the Times Square party on TV seeing if I could spot you.”

Rachel laughs, “Closest I got to Times Square is my hotel where I am right now, you watching alone?”

Ariane sighs, “Yep, alone on New Years Eve.”

“Wish I could be there. My feet are sore, and all I want to do is lie down and relax.”


Rachel reaches her hotel door slides the key card in and enters.

Ariane is in bed waiting for her. “What the fuck?!” exclaims Rachel.

“Surprise!” says Ariane, “Mr. Ellison and my mom decided to bring me here. I thought about telling them we are not really a thing, but I didn’t want to turn down a free trip to New York.”

“Well I am very surprised,” says Rachel who paused a little before adding, “and delighted!”

“So why don’t you take your dress and shoes off and join me in this comfy bed,” says Ariane, “Maybe I can, you know, massage your sore feet.”


“I’d love that,” says Rachel, “maybe I could find a few other sore spots that need massaging too.”

“So you went blonde?” asks Ariane. “Yeah, people know me best as a blonde, so…” Rachel didn’t feel like finishing and changed the subject.


“When did you come in to New York?” asks Rachel.

“Flew in this morning. I’ve been here all day, but was told not to come to the hotel until your party started.”

“Really? So what did you do all day?”


“Took a cab to Central Park, check out this selfie I took in the park with all the snow.”

“Pretty, but that looks cold. You didn’t spend all day out in the snow did you?”


“Hell no! I found a nice warm building to hang out in, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Wow, I need to get over there sometime,” says Rachel. “See any Van Gogh paintings?”


“Yes, I know how you like them, I even got a selfie with his self portrait.” says Ariane.

“I’m jealous, I love that episode of Doctor Who!” says Rachel.

“Funny, I spent the evening jealous of you,” says Ariane. “Your publicist has been posting and tagging pics of you with famous celebrities on your Instagram feed.”

“Really? I haven’t even looked at it,” says Rachel. “Wish we didn’t have to leave so early tomorrow, we could spend the day together.”

“Well, we still have the rest of tonight,” suggests Ariane.

The idea of one night in New York City with Ariane got Rachel excited, but at the same time she feels too worn out to go anywhere. “Want to fuck?” she spontaneously asks out of nowhere.


Ariane answers by getting naked herself, then starts moving up Rachel’s leg. “Wait!” says Rachel suddenly having second thoughts, Ariane stops.

“I want to make sure we are on the same page,” says Rachel. “Our friendship is going really well and I don’t want to mess that up for one night of passion.”

“Thanks for saying it, Rachel,” says Ariane, “I love you as a friend too, but I really want to fuck you right now.”

Rachel is simultaneously happy, excited, and scared as hell from Ariane’s words.

“I want to set a ground rule, no oral sex!” says Rachel a little too defiantly than she meant it. “Sorry, I have been watching lesbian porn in anticipation of this, and well the oral sex kind of grosses me out.”


“No apologies necessary,” says Ariane, “to be honest, the only time I tried it I did it wrong, so I’m not a fan of pussy licking either.”

The bluntness of the statement made Rachel laugh and relax a bit.

“Also,” continued Ariane, “lesbian porn and lesbian sex are two very different things, so forget about what you saw.”

Rachel nodded in agreement. “You did this before, right? So you know what you are doing?”


“I’m not as experienced as you think. My one lesbian experience was short, and I pretty much just laid there while she did all the work,” Ariane admits.

“Oh my God, that’s exactly what I did,” says Rachel, “and I was in a lesbian threesome so it was easy to pretend I did a lot when I really didn’t do anything.”

“Let’s keep it simple then, especially for a first time,” says Ariane, “I may not have much experience with another woman, but I have plenty of ‘first time with another person’ experience.”

“Tell me what to do, Master, I am your humble servant,” says Rachel.

Ariane was about to respond to that but remembered Rachel’s affinity for role play sex and let it go. “You know how to give yourself an orgasm?” asked Ariane.

“You know I do,” says Rachel.

“It was rhetorical,” says Ariane with a smile. “Just do what you do naturally.”

“Right now? To myself?”

“Sure, right now, or I could call the bell boy if that would help.”

“Stop it, you’re making me laugh,” says Rachel, “OK, I’ll do it.”


Rachel starts touching herself, Ariane holds Rachel getting her to relax as she does it. It takes a while, but Rachel starts reacting to her own touch.

Ariane puts her hand on Rachel’s and whispers in her ear,”Now do the same thing to me.”


Rachel moves her hand between Ariane’s leg. Ariane enjoys her touch for a while.


Then Ariane turns her body so she can reach Rachel’s pussy, they find an awkward but comfortable position and continue to rub each other.

There is yelling outside, but it is drowned out by their heavy breathing.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Continued: Part 5 chapter 3: New Years Day