Backyard Picnic

This is the last of the dinner walkthroughs, it is not ideal but leaves her in a swimsuit on the patio with many options to choose from. 

This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Backyard Picnic” click “Enable”, then start a new game. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Note: Where there is more than one choice, you might have to do one, then the other when you get to the choice page again. This will give the correct order:

Bring swim suit
Say something funny
Read her a poem
There once was a man from Nantucket...,
Move in closer
Kiss her
Run fingers through her hair
Go somewhere else
Turn on some music
Pick a romantic playlist
Change music
Pick a Rock playlist
Go somewhere else
Let’s go to the backyard
Change into a swimsuit
Change into your swim suit
Swim some more
Lets get out of the pool
Have a barbecue dinner in the picnic area
Wait for steaks
Talk to her
Are you into sports?
What sports do you like to do?
Drink Wine
Give her a compliment
You are so pretty...
Eat steak

The rest of these paths will start where one of these 5 dinner paths end. It is highly recommended to save your game at this point.