Ariane in Paradise #2: Getting Through Day 1


In Part 1, I showed the most efficient way through the first part of Day 1 and to unlock the four interests for Ariane.

This section has 3 goals: Show how to get to the 3 paths of Day 1, show other choices to unlock Ariane interests in case you are still missing some, and show how to unlock Day 1 achievements.

Each path has a theme of sorts. Path 1 is the present state of the island, path 2 is the history of the island, and path 3 discusses the future.

If you followed Part 1, you are standing in front of a couple of stores.

Path 1: Meet Rachel at Pirate’s Cove.  (Not available if you did naked sunbathing)

Let’s check out the Beachware shop

For the “Store Nudity” achievement, you need to play as a female character, and have sexy at 100% (25).  You can temporarily change to a female character by clicking “Q.Save” to save your game, click “Prefs” at the bottom, click “Main Menu”, click “Character”, click “Female”, and press enter to use the default name Deb. Then click “Load” to load your save.  Repeat the process if you want to return to a male character after you get the achievement.

Buy Ariane one of those sexy flip tops for 40€.

Take off your top (option not available if male)

Are you a bit of a geek, too?  (Ariane likes astronomy, Ariane likes Outdoors)

I’m like you, maybe we can go together? (to choose outdoor path)
or I’m a bit of a science geek like Rachel and your dad. (to choose science geek path)

Are you a reader? (Ariane is good at Gymnastics)
or Are you into music? (Ariane likes Dancing)

Wow Rachel Spahr!… results in a 3 person selfie that helps toward Full Gallery achievement.
Second choice is +5 sexy, third choice is +5 charm.

So where is everybody else? (For the full “Pirate FAQ” achievement, start at the top and ask the top question until you run out of questions or…)

I have no more questions.

She was on the Gymnastics Team. (this will not be available if you did not unlock it)

Go Dancing.  (this will not be available if you did not unlock it)

any choice that ends with “outdoors”


Anything you can dance to

There may be another choice or two, but save the game when you reach the beach.

Path 2: Hike to the lake.  (Not available if you chose to be here on business)

Let’s move on.

Let’s see what they have at the fruit stand.

either choice

Let’s go to the information center.

either choice

And a beautiful day for a hike.

Are you a reader? (Ariane is good at Gymnastics) or
Are you into music? (Ariane likes dancing)

Why aren’t you with her?

Really? I’m a bit of a science geek (Science geek path) or
Really? And you still get along? (Outdoors path)

Discussion will go to Rachel, and Ariane likes Astronomy comes up on its own.

At the lake Ariane reads a sign. Picking the first choice and then “It doesn’t matter, this place is still beautiful” or picking the second or third choice gets +5 charm.  These three are basically a history lesson of the fictional island.

Sounds like a plan (+5 charm) or Swimming in the lake, followed by swimming in underwear or naked will get (+5 sexy).  Both lead to taking selfie.

If you are a science geek, taking a picture of the macaw, and later going to the Aviary is how the “Dead Parrot” achievement is earned.

Otherwise “Can I get some pictures of you by the lake?” unlocks photos for the full gallery achievement.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Path 3: The Yacht Cruise  (Not available if you and Ariane both expressed interest in hiking)

Let’s move on.

Let’s see what they have at the fruit stand.

either choice

Let’s go to the ticket counter.

I’d love to go parasailing (Ariane likes the outdoors, You love the outdoors) or Really? you want to go parasailing? (Ariane likes the outdoors, needed for science geek) or What’s wrong with a dance demonstration? (Ariane likes dancing)

If you chose that you are here on business, here is how you unlock “Sex with Tassiana” achievement:

Text your boss that you will go today

Thank you, I’ll do it! If this proposal is as good as you say, I could get a promotion.

You want to have sex? Right here, right now?

After the presentation, you meet Ariane.  If you are honest and confess that you had sex, it results in +5 charm, but all the sexy points disappear.  Being honest pays off in day 3, if you make it there, but probably not mentioning it is your best move.

If you are rich, you run into a friend of your father Real Estate billionaire Ronald Ellison, who was mentioned in “Something’s In The Air” and was a character in “Rachel And Ariane”. 

Talking to him gives some backstory, but does not progress the game much.  Your best move is: “Hi Mr. Ellison, I’d love to talk, but I got a fish on the line if you know what I mean.”, especially if you are still missing an Ariane like.

How long ago was this? (Ariane likes Astronomy, Ariane is good at Gymnastics) or
What kind of partying were you doing? (+5 sexy and Ariane likes Dancing) or
Is this your first time on a boat since? (Ariane likes the outdoors)

All three offer opportunities to pick science geek or outdoor enthusiast for yourself.

How about a picture of you topless? (+5 sexy)

If your sexy level is high enough and you haven’t previously decided you are not into public nudity: 

Take off your shirt. (+ sexy)

What? Did that pesky ghost show up again? (+ charm)

Why would you want to shoot a pink dress in a pink room?

Take off your shirt. (+ charm)

You look familiar. What work have you done? (You can choose to not be American here)

You look great in my shirt. (if male) or I’m OK with that, (if female)

If you managed to take off your shirt for both Ariane and Rachel, this should lead to the “Topless with Rachel” achievement.

Thanks, doesn’t matter the style as long as they protect my eyes.

Not sure any of us are, but let’s go anyways.

Aye, matey. We be securin’ passage aboard this here vessel. (+3 charm) or
Ahoy, There be plenty of booty I’d like to plunder. (+5 sexy)

I’ll have what Rachel is having. or I’ll have what Ariane is having.

Dinner works the same as the dinners in Date Ariane. You can pick any choice twice, the third time ends dinner. Picking all four choices once also ends dinner. For best results:

Eat Dinner

Make Conversation  There are three different conversation topics chosen at random, but they never duplicate, Typical results of any topic is +5 charm, so you want to do it twice.

Compliment Ariane and Rachel (+5 charm the first time you compliment, no points on second compliment -5 for third.)

Rachel, you are such a great model, I’d buy that t-shirt. (+5 sexy)

Make Conversation again

Drink wine

The end of Day 1

I usually save at the sunset picture that ends day 1. If you got all four Ariane interests and at least 70 charm points, You will move to Day 2.

The end of day 1 varies depending on choices. “Middle Class” ends with more downtown shopping and a look at the milky way, “Rich” and “Business” end with a trip to a night club.

If you are aiming for all the achievements, you are probably going to want to do this day 3 times: One for each path, and one for each status (rich, business, middle class), and one should be a science geek, and one should be an outdoor enthusiast.

For example, I tested with 1) a middle class character who is not into public nudity, a science geek, and went on a hike to the lake. 2) a rich outdoor enthusiast who is a nudist, and went to Pirates Cove. 3) a person on business who slept with Tassiana and went on the cruise ship.  Each of these three characters will experience different things on day 2 and 3.