Ariane in Paradise #1: A Great Start


Here is the best way to start the game and get enough charm points and Ariane likes to get past Day 1 easily.

Be friendly

I saw you swimming, You’re Pretty Good.

If you ever need help with the breast stroke let me know. (+5 sexy)

Ask her if you can buy her a drink, if she asks for fruity, get the smoothie, refreshing, the cold water, exotic the cocktail.

For max points:

Hi, Ariane. My name is ___.

Why don’t we sit…

For sunbathe nude:

I’m Agent ___, of the CIA…

There is more than that I’d be willing to blow on you.


I’m here on vacation.

Yes it is. I’ve been to many tropical islands…

I was supposed to come…

A friend…


I’m here on vacation.

It’s also not as expensive…

I was supposed to come…

A friend…


I’m here on business.

Notes at this point:

* BUSINESS people cannot do nude sunbathing, or hike to the lake, but does grant access to the only day 1 sex scene.

* Nude sunbathing blocks access to the store nude scene, and the trip to Pirate’s Cove.

If RICH or MIDDLE CLASS, you can access Nude Sunbathing achievement with:

I want to find a beautiful beach…

I was thinking of a nude beach

I prefer nude beaches to regular ones.

Yeah, nude sunbathing is the only way to avoid tan lines.

If you are BUSINESS and/or don’t want to sunbathe nude:

I like hiking… (Ariane likes the outdoors)

Up in the hills,…

Final Question:

How do you keep in such great shape?

Anything we can do together?

Want to go out dancing? (Ariane likes dancing)

I hear there is a nice techno… (Ariane likes Astronomy)

Sounds kind of romantic.

Sure I’d love to hang out…

*If you earlier said that you were interested in hiking, and then you ask Ariane what she wants to do and she also says hiking, this will block access to the yacht ride unless you are traveling on business.

So at this point, you either got the first nude scene, 41 charm, and 25 sexy, or you have 3 out of 4 likes, 42 to 45 charm, and 15 sexy. 

Hotel Lobby: The next few choices increase charm or sexy. Charm is needed for day 1, sexy for day 2. If you are less than 100% (25) sexy, might want to get that up, if you are already there, focus on charm points.

I was about to say the same thing (charm) or Wow, that’s one sexy top (sexy)

I like the way you think… (charm)

I’m not much of a crowd follower (Ariane is good at Gymnastics, the fourth and final one if you did not go the sunbathing route)

What are you doing?

Be careful!

Nice hand stand (charm) or Nice tits! (sexy)

You’re a 10…(charm) or You are very flexible (sexy)

Now is a good point to save, many choices here.