SITAR Preview 3: What changed in the last decade

The original Something’s In The Air was first released in 2013. Being the first 3D rendered game in Renpy, its graphics look cheap by today’s standards, though at the time it was state of the art. Above is a side by side comparison of 2013 Ariane and 2023 Redux Ariane. Probably a little unfair to compare this way as the lighting and Superfly rendering is tuned to the new Ariane rather than the old, but you should get the idea.

I’ve written a WIKI page outlining the changes between the two games: Differences Between SITA and SITAR

Rachel has changed a lot less than Ariane, because all I did was recolor everything.

Along with the Differences breakdown, I have also written a Frequently Asked Questions, updated walkthroughs, and updated Notebook guide to help players as needed. I have also assembled a gallery of images from the game that were pictures of the week.

Game and Demos now available on

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