Store Changes in anticipation of new games

Next month I will be releasing Date Ariane Remastered. I don’t have a date or a price yet, but I decided to make changes to my store sooner than later.

Currently, there are four products available in the official Website Store where there used to be five. Because classic Date Ariane is still popular despite it’s imminent replacement, I decided to add it to the Something’s In The Air and Rachel Meets Ariane bundle to create the Date Ariane Classic Trilogy bundle priced at $5 for all three games. Since Date Ariane was $5 all by itself, and the other two cost $5 as a set. That’s basically half off.

I am also dropping android versions from the website store. The recent upgrade to Ariane in Paradise made me realize that the website store doesn’t handle Android very well, especially if there needs to be updates. Android versions are still on the store and the three games are available separately there as well with a combined price of $8, so the site store bundle is cheaper, unless you need Android.

These prices are permanent until further notice.


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