Things To Do When You Are Naked Part 2


This walkthrough starts at the very beginning, it mostly follows the “Backyard Picnic” walkthrough, but with some differences. This walkthrough ONLY works with the “2021” version of the game you buy in my store.

Give her a hug
Read her a poem
There's something about a Martini,
Move in closer
Kiss her
Run fingers through her hair
Go somewhere else
Turn on some music
Pick a Rock playlist
Change music
Pick a light Jazz playlist
Go somewhere else
Let’s go to the backyard
Change into a swimsuit
Wait in the hallway
Swim some more

This would be a good time to save the game as our next step may need a few attempts:

Challenge her to a race

You have to win the race, which requires tapping A, B, and C within 2 to 2.5 seconds. Too fast and you run out of breath, too slow and you lose to Ariane. Go back and try again until you win.

Have a Barbecue steak dinner
Check out the telescope
crater A
or sea D
or Another planet crashed into earth…
or 12, I believe

Ariane will now take her top off, which is something she did not do before, but only if you beat her in a swim race first.

Now we finish the backyard picnic walkthrough, followed by the beginning of the “Things to do when you are naked” walkthrough.

Talk to her
Are you into sports?
What sports do you like to do?
Drink Wine
Give her a compliment
You are so pretty…
Eat steak
Go Inside
Dance in the living room
Pick a Country playlist
Keep the Hoedown going
Go somewhere else
Go for a drive
Let's go for a drive naked
Get in the Drivers seat
Go Downtown

Now before Ariane would get angry for taking her downtown naked, but there are actually a couple of options that work. Ariane wants to go to the nightclub, but that fails if you try it. Try them all, but the museum and the lingerie store allow you to enter naked.

Getting into the museum naked is a new achievement, but the lingerie store is a puzzle to get Ariane to the Night Club.

Lingerie Store
Sports Bra
A Thong
Dress Shop
(Two of the outer racks have "black skirt" and two of the inner racks have "black top"
That is the only matching combination available.)

You have the third new achievement “Naked to Nightclub”, and can continue as you want.