Upcoming Game Projects!


Sorry I haven’t posted much this past month, I figured it was enough to move my site to a new page, then I spent the rest of April very busy in real life.

Everyone keeps asking when the next game is coming out, and the truth is I don’t know. Here are a list of projects I am hopefully going to finish some day.

Project 1: Rachel Meets Ariane The Game

The story of Rachel Meets Ariane has already been written and shared here, however the game will add some variations and display it in a high definition presentation that is a little more aesthetically pleasing. It is “mostly done” except I am working on variations of choices in part 4 that result in variations of endings. Biggest obstacle right now is that I have yet to finish writing the alternate endings, then I still need to illustrate them.


Project 2: Date Ariane HD

Basically this involves re-rendering all the images in Date Ariane to size 1500×900 and also correcting lighting and other aesthetic issues along with very low compression. The result should be the best looking version of the game ever, but probably twice as big for download purposes. This will be for PC, Mac, and Linux only as it will be too big for android devices. Status: I’m about half way done.

I was sent a new German translation that works with the latest English version, I will probably release this very soon for German speakers. It also has a feature to switch between German and English. I guess this means Pandorya will have to do a bunch more videos. I hope to move the German translation to Date Ariane HD as well when it’s ready.  Status: I just need to get around to it.


Project 3: Unnamed Ariane Reunion Project

Inspired by Chaotic‘s choice to allow players to pick their gender, I thought I’d create a 4th Ariane game where players can choose to play as the male player character from Date Ariane and SITA, back from a lengthy business trip and anxious to reunite with Ariane, or play as Rachel, back from a lengthy business trip and anxious to reunite with Ariane.  So far, all I got is a concept that might involve some sort of adventure with the gaming guild that both Rachel and the Player are involved with.


Project 4: SITA HD

Like Date Ariane HD, this involves re-rendering about a thousand pictures in 1080 resolution so it looks a lot better, but also in the Rachel Meets Ariane game I am introducing a new choice system that eliminates the need for picking “prequel” choices, and I want to implement this into Something’s In The Air as well.


  • Is there a download version for iPhone?

  • Funny you should ask, because apparently someone took my art and made their own iphone app. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dating-kylie-lopez-3d-date-simulator-free/id1147783113

    Forget that, it sucks!

  • Have you experimented with 3D visuals yet??

  • Forgot to say thank you very much for your hard work!! If I ever hit the lotto, I’ll send you to the Bahamas for a week!! 🙂

  • Please make sure that the edge of shadows aren’t “hard”, rather “soft” (looking at picture named “Project 3: Unnamed Ariane Reunion Project”), and if your hardware is up to it to add “bounce” for the lights, as it’ll improve the render immensely.
    The quality (game-flow, choices) speaks for itself, so you’re good there.

  • I seem to have a slightly issue with Something’s in the Air. The version I downloaded from your site is the build 110, not 111. There also was no option to play online games in the very beginning.

    Great game regardless!

  • when will the next version of the game be out?

  • I discovered Dating Ariane through youtube and ever since then I was playing various “dating” games and such, but nothings got me hooked like the Ariane games. Played through every possbiel scenario in Date Ariane as well as Somethings in the air, though I liked the first one more because I find it generally more rewarding when theres more options for sexual interaction after a certain path, so my question is, will update Somethings in the air some day with more options, or can you tell me if your future games will allow for more sexual interactions? Thank you very much for your hard work and your great games !

  • Love the original Date Ariane game. Looking forward to the HD release.

    And love your work Ariane.

  • Will these games be online like the DateAriane game? I wanna see more online games similar to that.

  • Date Ariane is the best online dating game out there. It would be just super amazing if we could have an option in date arisen where Ariane has larger boobs and little longer hair. That would make ariane dynamite. Please do consider it if poissible, it would be a dream come true !

  • Me agrado mucho pero me hubiera gustado mas una version en idioma latino ( castellano). Muchas gracias Ariane.

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