Date Ariane is Now A Real Game


I have gone ahead and released Date Ariane in Renpy. This is like the ultimate edition of the game that has been a dream since I started working on Something’s In The Air.  All the favorite moments are here on a format that is faster and smoother than ever before.

I have temporarily taken down the online version. My web traffic has increased 40% with the better graphics version and I could almost never get into my own website.  Since I don’t rely on advertising, traffic is not that important to me.

Now when you go to you get a website where you can download the game. I made it available in Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there is an experimental Android version which I have no idea how to use.  You can still download the offline HTML version.

What’s so cool about the Renpy Version?

Aside from the obvious, no more “page not available” errors, you can now save games, auto advance, go back much more reliably, skip whole sections you have seen before, hear actual music when you dance which you can customize if you want, and the game is full of immersive sound effects as well.

Go to the options screen and you can turn on hints, go full screen, and turn off music and sound effects if you want.

A lot of this stuff is available on the lower right corner of the screen. Try clicking on “Auto”, it is probably the funnest way to play. you can control the speed of the auto advance in Options.  The lower right menu is very helpful if you are on a tablet as well.


Anything else new?

There is also some new content, the majority being expanded scenes that existed before, especially in the museum, night club, and dress shop.  There is a short new “ice cream” scene, an a new little dance puzzle at the night club.  The museum and nightclub play a little differently depending on what Ariane is wearing.

There are also a handful of little surprises I won’t spoil.

I also added a new character, a pizza delivery man named Evan. An online friend for 12 years named Evan Kirk recently passed away suddenly, and as a tribute, I have immortalized him as an NPC.

Like me, he was way more famous online than off, with a sharp twisted sense of humor and a community leader.  He was a gay dude from Alabama which he joked about all the time.

This is not a picture of him, this is a young Chris Pratt, who he idolized and used as his avatar. My tribute NPC uses the “Chris Pratt” look, which he would have appreciated.

The Gallery of Achievements

One of the things that people enjoyed about Something’s In The Air was the gallery of endings and trying to fill out the character notebooks.

That really won’t work with Date Ariane as there are basically only two endings, a kiss goodnight, or getting kicked out of the house.

Instead, I went the traditional route and created 78 “achievements” for you to try and achieve. They range from easy and obvious, which you will probably pick up naturally, to some spectacular failures, which some of you may get naturally as well but veterans may not realize are there.  There are also some hard ones that require some knowledge of the game mechanics to complete.

Speaking of game mechanics, besides the reliance of traits explained here, there is actually now a scoring mechanism. When Ariane says “On a scale from 1 to 10, you get a _”, that score is a real value, not just something made up like it used to be.  This score is used to calculate some of the achievements.

Once you complete an achievement, open up the gallery, and click on the name to see why you earned it.  There are some other cool “extras” in the gallery.

Here are the names of the 78 achievements, with some notes on the harder ones.  You can probably figure out the rest by their name:
Multidate achievements
1. kiss (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
2. sex (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
3. date (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
4. All 5 Dinners

House Achievements
1. Rochambeau
2. Couch Sex
3. Six Pack
4. Yahtzee
5. Dance Champion (dance at home until she won’t anymore, then dance at the nightclub)
6. Three Naked In Bed (a Rebecca achievement)
7. The Quickie
8. Green Fairy
9. Ariane Owes You A Favor
10. Lucky Spin
11. Impromptu Strip Show
12. Kitchen Disrobe
13. Cheap Thrills (before dinner touch her boob, then walk in on her while changing)
14. Boobie Prize

Backyard Achievements
1. Hide and Seek
2. Hot Sex
3. Hand Job (involves the hot tub)
4. Wet Clothes
5. Backyard Play
6. Steal From Rebecca
7. Wrong Breast (lose at Marco Polo)
8. You Got Mail
9. Swim Champ
10. Underwater Explorer
11. Voyage to the Moon
12. Squeeze Play

Downtown Achievements
1. Designated Driver
2. Dizzy
3. Trivia Buff
4. Devil In A Blue Dress
5. Topless Model
6. Bottomless Model
7. Twinkle Toes (win the new dance game without cheating)
8. Art Expert
9. Rebecca Shirtless
10. Let’s Go To The Mall (finish dinner at home with extra “nice” points and then let Ariane drive to town)
11. Shopping Spree
12. Downtown Nudity (a multi date achievement involving different locations)

Neighborhood Achievements
1. Nude Pics in the Park
2. Shutterbug (all 5 versions of the park photoshoot over many dates)
3. Three for Three (Ariane has to hit all 3 of hers, too)
4. Air Ball
5. Nice Uniforms
6. Naked Ball
7. Great Outdoors
8. Playing Without Pants
9. Playing Without Clothes
10. Naked Beer Run
11. Well Protected (involves buying lots of condoms)
12. Ice Cream Run

Lake Achievements
1. Ski Trip
2. Moonlight Serenade
3. Wet Dress
4. Head Stand

Scenic View Achievements
1.  Moon for the Camera
2. True Artist
3. Money Shot
4. Blow Job
5. Kiss Where it Counts

Cabaret Achievements
1. Amateur Night Victory
2. Win Without Nudity
3. Live Sex Act
4. Two Nude Dancers
5. A Dirty Mind

Special Dates
1. Casual Date (finish a successful date without changing clothes)
2. Friendly Date (finish a successful date “as friends”)
3. Perverted
4. Kiss you all over
5. Sex Endurance
6. Not So Smart (get a perfect 10 date without the “smart” trait)
7. Not So Sexy (get a perfect 10 date without the “sexy” trait)
8. Not So Nice (get a perfect 10 date without the “nice” trait)
9. Not So Funny (get a perfect 10 date without the “funny” trait)
10. Exceeding Expectations (finish a successful date with only two traits)

Any other hints to playing?

The walkthroughs have now been updated to the Renpy version.

90 thoughts on “Date Ariane is Now A Real Game

  1. Random

    I currently use a chromebook – do you have any thoughts as to which version is likely to work best? I’m assuming Linux or Android, but…

    1. Until I have more definite info, I’d say go with the Linux version.

      The Android version has been downloaded over 1,000 times and I have yet to hear from anybody if it works or not. That actually might be a good thing since if it didn’t work, I would definitely have heard something.

  2. bginysta

    Hi Ariane,
    I have played your previous version for a few years now and was excited to see the new format.
    I am having an issue when I try to run the windows version of the game. I keep getting an error saying that ..lib/windows-i686/DateAriane.exe can not be executed. I have tried extracting the files several times it is there at that point but then disappears from the folder when I try to run the application. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

  3. Paul

    II finally found some time toplay the Renpy version, started wiith the traits, then went to eat a burger, then to the museum ( new paintings, eh?), then to buy clothes ( fortunately got a match), then to buy beer& protection)… it all went very well, no bugs, got a happy ending and a 10. I will try to test other paths …

  4. Thomas

    Do you unlock extra scenes or something happen if you get all the achivements in Dating Ariane?
    (for example in Something in the air game there was like extra scenes)

    1. Yes, there is a short “reward” scene once you unlock all the achievements.

      It is not as nice as the ones in SITA, but I know people would be upset if there wasn’t at least something after all that work.

  5. Very impressed with what you have done. Thank you so very much for the amazing games! With the growth you have experienced as a storyteller, game maker, i am very much looking forward to what you come up with next!

  6. Tertrix

    The Linux version is working just fine. Great work there!
    However it seems that some things now always lead to the end of the date which didn’t happen in older versions. An example would be the park photo shoots when they include nudity. Is this intentional? It’s quite sad so many good scenes always lead to a bad ending. I was always hoping that scenes like the great mail run would be possible under certain circumstances without leading to a bad end. It has some of the best pictures in the game, but a rarely go down that route, since there is no way of succeeding. Also maybe some ultimate date where you could do as many things as possible would be very rewarding and challenging at once.

  7. norsegraphics

    Dating Ariane has always been a real game, but it’s great that the make-over with a new engine gives a new lease of life to the original story. Few developers bother doing this, so hopefully this might become a trend.

    Ten years is long for a computer game. Usually a game’s life lasts maybe a couple of years, before the popularity wanes. Another groundbreaking milestone. And well done. 🙂

  8. Samuel

    I’m stuck on underwater explorer. I think I have done all of the underwater things, but haven’t gotten the achievement. Hints?

  9. Jack

    I can’t seem to get the Voyage to the Moon or the True Artist achievements, I thought I did everything there’s to do there but I’m missing something, could you give me any tips?


      1. Trip to the moon involves using the telescope while in a dress.
        Most people get True Artist by accident. Do walkthrough #18, but skip the first 3 steps.
        The photoshoot will end with the really nice one where Ariane is standing on the hood of the car.

  10. Jon

    Would it be possible to get a walkthrough for the ice cream run? I’ve tried everything you said above but still the only dessert option I get is the pie in the kitchen. Thanks 🙂

  11. rollo tomasi

    this is a great game. i have been hooked onto it for a long time now. ariane is just beautiful. and now with the desktop version, it’s even better to play.
    one question though: how do i clear all the history/ saved games/ recorded achievements, for, say, i want to start all over again?
    i even deleted the entire game folder and downloaded and extracted again, but all the achievements and (auto)saved games were still there.

    1. The answer is in the FAQ: How do I start the game over?

      Somewhere on your computer is a new directory called “dateariane”. Not sure where to find it on Mac or Linux, but on a windows computer you can find it most likely at “c:\users\(your login name)\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\dateariane” (note AppData is sometimes a hidden directory) This is where all the saved games are located. In this directory, you will find a file called “persistent”. If you delete this file, all the game data will be erased and it will be like you are starting the game brand new.

  12. Jason

    Love the Android version, thanks for creating it! Can you please tell me how to get the Impromptu Strip Show achievement? It’s the only one I have left to get and I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Airball means missing all basketball shots. Four ways to get Ariane to expose herself downtown: 1. don’t give her enough to wear in the dress shop. 2. Have her go topless or bottomless at the lingerie shop. 3. Have Rebecca remove lift her dress up while dancing in the club. 4. Drive downtown naked after going to the store that way.

  13. Ward

    How do you get the Yahtzee, Rochambeau, and The Quickie achievements? Also what are the 5 park photoshoots? Not sure which ones I’m missing. Also what choices determine if you have the sexy trait?

    1. Lucid

      I don’t know all the five photoshoots, but one of them (Swimsuit) you can only get on the Spin the Bottle game (when you try to get dessert). Some of the others are on Walkthrough #10, and I guess it takes different choices inside the towel/dress photoshoots to get all 5 of them.

      For Rochambeau, you gotta win on the Rock Paper Scissors game on the first try (try reloading or starting a new game).

  14. Completionist

    I have been trying to get the Hand Job achievement, but Ariane keeps initiating sex or is not willing at all instead. What am I missing here?

  15. Mainkol

    Superb game, addictive and funny.
    I’ve some problems in getting all the achievements although I’ve tried in many ways.

    For example Yahtzee, and bottomless model…

    1. Backyard play = Barbecue, swim, race, use telescope, and hot tub all in the same date.
      Well protected = Buy condoms at least 5 times at the store, on the same trip to the store.

      1. Cheap Thrills: Before dinner, grab her boob (during slow dance) and see her naked (walk in on her while changing), this will end the date immediately but get the achievement.

    1. Have a date rated 7 or higher as “just friends”. You get to the “just friends” state by messing up on a puzzle or game after dinner. Most “just friends” dates end playing Pachisi or going to the amusement park.
      Walkthrough #10 but instead of going to the park photoshoot, go in the backyard and go swimming, then purposely lose a swim race.

    1. Ariane has to drive you to the dress shop.
      1. Only one wine drink during dinner (Otherwise she will let you drive)
      2. before and during dinner score more “nice” points than any other trait. (turn on hints to show when you score a nice point)
      3. After dinner, go downtown, she will insist on driving and she will take you to the dress shop.

  16. Thomas

    Please, how do you get, step by step if it’s possible (’cause I’m really really really blocked) : The Quickie, Steal From Rebecca, Shutterbug, Ice Cream Run & Wet Dress achievements ? thank you in advance.

  17. Trent

    The download for the apk. of Date Ariane doesn’t seem to work for me :((
    My phone (running Marshmallow) always names the download as and is constantly at 0% download bar.

    1. Pragz

      Hey it happens at some sitesyou don’t need to worry in reality the game is downloading. It will show download complete when download is done.

  18. Pragz

    Whenever I try to play the exe file on my PC it shows an error saying – unable to execute (file path)- is it missing? I really wanna play the game please help. I have tried disabling antivirus while a execute.

  19. Pragz

    When I try to execute Ariadne.exe on PC it says – unable to execute (fi!e name)- is it missing. I’ve tried disabling antivirus. Please help I really wanna play this game.

  20. zman

    I’m playing on a mac and want to start the game over. How do I find the file that holds the acheivements on a mac? You give the info for windows in the FAQ, but not for a mac.

  21. how do you get the not so sexy achievement?! i spend 2 hours trying it, and i always got not so funny or nice and sometimes smart but never got sexy.someone help my only achievement left :\

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