GAME ON!! Something’s In The Air is Now Out!

After more than two years in development, Something’s In The Air is now available for download at  There is a lot of downloading going on , so it may take a while to load the 180MB file, but I have not heard any complaints that the download is not working.

I’m calling this an “open beta” version, but it should not be too different from the eventual “official 1.0” version I plan to finish later this summer.

I got a lot to say about it now that it is officially out.  I’m planning some rather verbose “director’s commentaries” in future posts.  But in the mean time, play it, have some fun. On average, people are taking about 8 hours to hit all 40 endings, so there is a lot of content there.


  • I’m 38/40 ending in, and I played the whole night through. I love the first Ariane, and as a sequel I see everything has improved so much, from the art, to the storytelling. You have clearly put a lot of effort into this game,and it shows. Thanks so much for the excellent experience, and congratulations on finally getting it out there. I’ll definitely play the full version, and any other future developments with it, because there is so much room to grow in this small world you’ve created.

  • An ipad version at some point perhaps

    • Most likely no. Apple keeps tight control on apps they approve, and nudity is forbidden in their app store. It’s also forbidden in Google’s Play store, but android apps do not have to go through the play store.

    • in any unix based system device (iphone, ipad, android), it’s the same as unix/linux.

      bring up a bash shell and cd to the game directory and do:


      in *sone*, you must have root access unless you chown/chmod the command. an easy (but bad for running as root) option is:


      enter root password


      much much better is make the effort of changing ownership and privileges. dl:


      enter root password

      chown username filename

      chmod u+x filename

      (that’s what yo u*should* do for any file that only runs in root. extra versions of the game don’t need to be made.

  • Massive kudo’s for the Fringe references! Really liking the game so far. Very entertaining.

  • Sent you $5. Downloading as I speak. Hope others will follow suit.

  • R. K. MacPherson

    Holy cow! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! So glad to see it come to fruition. Definitely sending the funds! Thank you!

  • have 37 out of 40 endings missing 1 rachel amusement park and and 2 ariane endings
    any tips ?

    • There are 3 Ariane endings that are dependent on what you did on your prior date. As for the amusement park, some endings are triggered not only what you do there, but also what order you do things. Did you talk about the future?

      • ariane Stories i managed:
        ice cream, ariane & rebecca, phone sex, blackout fun, celebrity sightings, house party, drunk ariane, fuck buddies, safety pullout,

        rachel stories
        the amusement park, the loco cola girl, ten of clubs, a man about town, house party,

  • It is funny that the stuff I added most recently is the most popular. The endings gallery was something I did not think the game needed, but everybody loves. For the final 1.0 version, I’m adding pop up achievements, so you will know when you reached an ending. I am also working on adding some other fun story achievements that also pop up like when you see various characters boobs for the first time.

    I am also considering one more new ending for Ariane.

    • the gallery help,
      and that’s some nice news.
      so any advice on how to proceed, the last 3 are driving me insane

      • It sounds like you did it all (hint hint) with Ariane except see the sequel again (hint hint). You are also missing an ending that is just like fuck buddies, only it involves dinner and letting Ariane see whatever she wants before going back to her place.

        As for Rachel, whatever you did to get to the house party, Do the exact opposite, to get to an exact opposite ending.

    • Yipes. Pop-up achievements sound tacky to me. As weird as it is to say for a game where you go back and relive the same night different ways, that may be too much breaking of suspension of disbelief.

      Anyway. I downloaded Ren’Py yesterday before I noticed SITA had dropped, and I’ve not even cracked it due to playing the game. I was prepared to be disappointed, and I was really impressed by the work in SITA. The sets and lighting make me feel bad about my own work. The interactive writing scares me a little. I’m not sure I can pull that off.

      I don’t know whether to be discouraged or encouraged from continuing with my own designs!

      • The Lemma Soft Forums are a good place to go for help and encouragement on RenPy. I have been doing this for 10 years, and am still learning stuff. Create something small and simple, and if you like creating visual novels enough to spend the time, eventually they will get better.

        As for the pop up achievements, the tacky factor concerns me too. Every ending in the game consists of a black screen with epilogue, so ending popups, when you get a new one, will not be very intrusive. As for during the story achievements, I still need to test. I plan to have them disableable in options, but testing will tell me if they should be enabled by default or disabled by default.

  • i am have problems to play is game on my ps3

    • The game can only be played on a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. Consoles are not supported. Android tablets might be in the future, if I can get mine to work.

      • it is possible to install linux on a ps3 (with no affect to the base player system) in case putting up links is not allowed, i won’t, but any search for “play station 3 otheros” will direct you to a wiki on that. besides this game, it would allow you to run other items not supported by ps3 (including using wine and playonlinux to run windows apps and games).

        my suggestion would be that any attempt a new person does be done on a second (external) drive, and that formatting the install to ext3 (and not the default ext4) might be needed for the platform to recognize the hard drive.

      • Has the android app worked yet it’s the only way I can play the second second game

  • 40/40 thanks 🙂

  • how come play first game on my ps3

    • First game was designed to be played in a web browser. That made it playable on anything, New game is a bit more complicated and can’t be played in a web browser.

    • Also:

      Game works perfect in windowed mode, but fullscreen does not work. Here’s the traceback.txt:

      I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

      While running game code:
      Exception: Could not set video mode.

      — Full Traceback ————————————————————

      Full traceback:
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 228, in bootstrap
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 342, in main
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 98, in run
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 266, in run
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 646, in execute
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 1172, in py_exec_bytecode
      File “common/00library.rpy”, line 787, in
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 335, in call_in_new_context
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 266, in run
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 646, in execute
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 1172, in py_exec_bytecode
      File “common/_layout/screen_main_menu.rpym”, line 11, in
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\”, line 237, in interact
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\display\”, line 1813, in interact
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\display\”, line 2092, in interact_core
      File “H:\Web\Candiu\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\display\”, line 1375, in set_mode
      Exception: Could not set video mode.


  • WHooohooo! finally ! Cant realize how fast 2 years have passed

  • Great novel! loving it so far, Ariane looks so pretty :3. Upset at the lack of feet in pictures, do you not like rendering them? Nevertheless well done on your work!

  • Also, how come I can’t access the images like dating ariane? I liked looking at the images.

  • I was just about to go to bed when I figured checking your blog wouldn’t hurt. “Maybe there will be preview art,” I thought.

    Who needs sleep? 😀

  • I can’t do anything at the gym 😦

    Either Ariane does not want to date me (she has something else), either my friend grabs me before I want to talk to anyone (using different prequels, even the “Rebecca” ones).

    Also, can’t seem to talk to the Yoga girls 😀

    Any help?

    • The Gym scene is just to establish some relationships that drive important plot points, like getting to the bar to meet girls you CAN talk to.

      At some point in the future, (say 15 to 20 endings down the road) one of the gym’s employees may ask if you are interested in a training session.

  • First of all your game is awesome. I especially love your new character Rachel because I share a lot of interest’s she dose. I also a big fan of your first game date Ariane. I have however ran into a wall though…. if I can possibly get some help that would be great. The only two I seem to be missing are Make up sex and The Bus From Rachel’s House. Once again this was an incredible game hope to see more from you in the future ^^.

  • I wish I could delete that and re-write that in proper English…

    • your english is a lot easier to understand then something from the average american 18 year old. you’re doing just fine.

  • poisson pilote

    It’s a great game!! really!
    Or maybe it’s not a game… it’s an experience!
    You’re a genius!

  • Please say you’re going to do a lot more with Paula, dying for some…more ‘options’ with her.

  • I think there were some slight model discrepencies in the scene that comes after working out in the gym (I dont want to spoil for anyone). It looks like one of the characters switches between 2 versions of her model at one point. Either its a bug, you missed it, or I am going crazy.
    Awesome game though, I’m really enjoying it. Is there currently a way to get past the “to be continued” part with Paula? I’m at 32/40 endings so I know I’m missing some stuff. I just really want to see where that story goes. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Figured out the last two. Thank you for making such a great game. Can’t wait for what ever game you have next. Ill be sure to make a donation so you can keep on going.

  • i have problem to playing this game on windows vista . after downloading it i extract the zip file and then run the somethings in the air.exe file but when i run ,a window open that shows only blue screen.. i also try the game on different resolutions 1280×720, 1280×768 and 1280×800 but every time i found only blue screen. i also tried F key to toggle full screen but again blue screen appeared.

  • How do I get gamer girl? I read that it is something to do with amusement park and i can not find it. Help!

  • Great game, I just can’t seem to manage to go anywhere with Rachel besides the kiss on the cheek and the promisse to go out again in the future. And I already went to the comics event, the house photoshot and the house party… =/ Any tips?

  • Downloading it now… I feel like a child waiting to open his christmas presents.

  • Please I’m missing House Party with Rachel and Coffee Conversations and it’s driving me crazy. Heeeeelp

  • Late to the party again and all the nice stuff’s already been said. Some groveling fanboi minion __I__ am.
    Made the donation; it’s a mere pittance for all the fun I’ve had with the Simulators and what I’ve learned about HTML because of you.
    Great job, and thanks once again for your efforts.

  • Really enjoying the open beta so far. 27 endings in, and only 13 to go. No major bugs spotted so far. Just a minor one that may be intentional. When negotiating with Wendy, she says do 25 lifts, but when she returns she says 20.

    I’ve noticed in a couple of the comments that people are referencing missing 1 ending with ariane, or 1 ending with rachel. Besides the gallery, is there some sort of tracking systems for the ending? Letting you know which paths have yet to be explored, and which endings still need to be found?

    Like mister e, I also noticed the um… change in characters when they were… changing. Does everybody wear a wonderbra, or use a lot of padding?

    Loved the Observer cameo. He looked a little statuesque, and unnatural, but I suppose that’s the point.

    I notice that something that happens in stories 1, 3, and 4, doesn’t happen in story 2. Like nobody else can flip that switch? I suppose that might be covered in one of the endings that I haven’t gotten to yet.

    I’m curious as to the point of the custom codes, if they can just be selected from the list in options anyway.

    Again, thanks for the open beta. Looking forward to the final release.

    • Well, I found a couple minor issues. No bugs on the Mac version yet, just a couple of spelling errors that have probably already been pointed out a dozen times already.
      At the gym: Ariane says “your a fucker, you kow that”. Should very likely be “You’re a fucker, you know that”.
      When LARPing, at the club, it should really be Mr Lizard that says you got ditched, but the text bar at the top says “You” in yellow.

  • 15/40 here thanks for the great game and all the hard work I will be donating shortly. I also did not see any way to post about bugs. I am not sure what info you need about the computer. The bug I found is when I go to full screen I loose the mouse cursor things still highlight so navigating the menus isnt bad but I couldnt click on someone easily im sure. hopefully its an easy fix on my end

  • Thanks!

    When you announced the sequel would be a Visual Novel I was really disappointed, as I’m not a big fan of the format, but I was WRONG!

    I’ve been playing during the weekend and I’m really impressed with what you achieved here. I love the way the forth chapter wraps things up. Also, I love love love the dialogue in the fortune teller part. Actually, the whole Rachel storyline is the highlight of the game: she really stole Ariane’s spotlight. I would love to see a “Date Rachel” spin-off in the style of the first game.

    I still prefer the circular structure and the quieter nature of the protagonist in the first game, but you’ve built something simply beautiful with this game. Can’t wait for your “director’s commentaries” posts!

  • Bob Schoenberger

    Have to reply here as well – have been through the whole enchilada, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing, the graphics – this is a phenomenal work. I like the the Renpy platform (enjoyed Katawa Shoujo, where I got to know it) and especially the ability of it to translate to Mac. RenpyTom is great to work with.

    Now – a question. Is this it, or is the teaser of the final Paula ending come? I LOVED Paula, and wanted more. No pressure…ok, a little…

    • I’m playing scenarios in my mind right now on resolving the cliff hanger in an interesting way. Meanwhile, there seems to be a bit of interest in a continuation of “Interrogation Techniques”.

  • “Download and uncompress, then open the folder and launch Somethings In The Air.exe to begin. There is no installer, so you will have to make your own shortcut links.” The instructions seem rather simple, but I am having some problems. I can not get the game installed on linux. (I am using ubuntu), I was hoping you could give a more detailed instructional tutorial on how to properly install the game. I am very eager to play this masterpiece. Here is what I did. I downloaded it: Then I extracted it. I copied some shortcuts to the files onto desktop. Then I opened up the terminal and typed in the command “tar – jxvf Somethings In The Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2” This was unsuccessful. I am not sure how I am supposed to install it, and I have tried some other things and nothing seems to get it to work. Do I need to install something else to get the game to run?

    • I don’t know Linux, but apparently you need to launch the “Something’s In The” file instead on Linux, assuming you have python installed (which I believe comes standard with Linux).

    • Hi,
      for extract:

      tar xvjf Somethings In The Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2


      in file browser -> right click on Somethings In The Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2 -> Extract here

      For run:

      sh Somethings In The


      • I tried that. This is what terminal does after that:

        tar (child): Somethings: Cannot open: No such file or directory
        tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
        tar: Child returned status 2
        tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    • In order to run it on Linux, this worked for me:

      – install renpy
      – extract the .tar-file of the game to your home-folder (I used ark for that)
      – open a file manager and go to the main folder of the game
      – click on the “something is in the”-file

      Game should start. If not, remove all blanks from

      – folder “Something is in the air”
      – files “Something is in the” and “Something is in the”

      in the main folder. Now he game should start when you click on the .sh-file. If you want to start the game via console, cd to the main-folder of the game and run as normal user

      “./” (observe the missing blanks!)


      • I did not realize blanks in the file name are a problem in Linux. I’ll have to add underscores to the file name in future releases.

      • Got it to work thanks pete, and thanks ariane for the kickass game.

      • even with spaces in a windows file name (or if you hate long lines of typing), wildcards (*) do wonders. assuming you’re in the directory, simply type:


        to start it in the home directory (to save even still more typing), i wrote a simple pearl script called

        assuming user name user, and the directory is in Downloads:


        the do:

        chmod u+x s*pl

        you now have a script to run from your home directory by typing ./

        no .deb or .rpm needed, since the app is self contained. works in any distro.

  • This is great! Ariane was one of the first sim games I played and to be honest, it kinda ruined me for the ones to follow. Here’s hoping it comes out on Android soon as I’d love to be able to play it on my phone/tablet.

  • How do I change the donation amount? I’m trying to donate more than $5, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the value.

    Also, can you accept bitcoin or litecoin donations?

  • Frank :
    I tried that. This is what terminal does after that:
    tar (child): Somethings: Cannot open: No such file or directory

    Yep, the problem are the blanks in the file name. remove them and you should do fine.

  • Awesome piece of work! One small detail, even when “returning the favor” in the prequel (viewpoint photoshoot) Ariane will say that you didn’t.

  • Frank :
    I tried that. This is what terminal does after that:
    tar (child): Somethings: Cannot open: No such file or directory

    Your problem here are the blanks in the file name; remove them and it should work.

  • In terminal (You must “work” in directory where you have extract files), try this:

    sh Some (press TAB button to complete)

    you should have:

    sh Somethings\ In\ The\


    I hope it works.

  • I’m sorry in terminal first (for extract) write:

    tar xvjf Some (press TAB button to complete)

    you should have:

    tar xvjf Somethings\ In\ The\ Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2


    • tar xvjf Somethings\ In\ The\ Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2
      tar (child): Somethings In The Air-beta2-linux.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory
      tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
      tar: Child returned status 2
      tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

      wish it were that simple of a solution

      • if your entry is correct, here’s the problem:

        tar xvjf

        should be a dash:

        tar -xvjf

        the original is attempting to open an archive called xvjf with no command flags. any *nix command used with flags need a dash or double dash, and in some cases the order is important.

        you can always get full info on any command by reading the man page by doing


  • Am i supposed to know an acrobat? 😀

  • My 2 cents about the game/novel:

    The parts with Ariane are, well, nice. I miss a real storyline, though.

    Rachel: Interesting when she explains what’s going on at the house party. Love the story, when you hit the long road of the role playing and the bondage stuff. Surprising ending.

    Bonnie: Funny, when you play it multiple times; how many different mornings are there?

    Wendy: same as Ariane

    Paula: My favorite part and character. A storyline I like to follow, that takes more than a minute or two to finish. A couple of puzzles, not to easy, not to hard. A promise from Paula, that she might be interested in more than just talk, but at least for now remains a promise, and a cliff hanger that hints at action … great stuff!

    Graphics: On the whole very good, with some unnatural look in the shoulder parts and when they sit down or lean on something. It looks like they’re made of unelastic material and sit on concrete 😉

    All in all a great piece of work, thanks a lot!

    What bothers me though is your view on men (assuming you really are of the female persuasion): Do you really think men are only interested in a quick fuck? I mean …. all the girls rip their clothes off and immediately mount the hero. And he says: “The sex was great!” Come ooooon! Allow that poor guy a little foreplay – men enjoy that, too, you know 😀

    PS: How the *bleeb* can I insert smileys?

  • How do I start story 4? I only get three options at the start (Calling Ariane, Going to the Gym, Or sleeping in) which lead to only three stories. What am I missing?

    • You need to complete stories first, eventually the 4th option of playing video games comes up, (I think after 15 endings.)

      • So I have to go on a date with each of the girls in the three stories to get the 4th one?

  • How awesome is that! The game is finally out and it was released on my birthday, woohoo! Looking forward to exploring the new Ariane!

  • How do I get that emo chick to play with my rod instead of her lightning rod?

  • Been waiting for this for quite some time, and i can say now, it was definetely worth the wait. Fantastic job, looking forward to future updates, will donate soon.

  • i am having trouble downloading Something’s In The Air im running IE 9 with windows 7 i keep getting a download error (file cannot be downloaded) any ideas or help would be appreciated

  • 39/40 but I can’t seem to find the 3rd Wendy ending, only Hard Workout and Beach Run so far… any hints?

    • 35/40 here, but i got all 3 wendy endings. Just keep trying you need to have enough energy to keep up with wendy after she invites you to give her a ride. Then u go to volleyball.

  • Nick :
    So I have to go on a date with each of the girls in the three stories to get the 4th one?

    Not sure about that, if you stick with Rachel and Ariane you can do enough to open it, but then the others are pretty easy to get endings with (except Wendy who is pretty difficult).

  • I am facing a problem while downloading the game. The download always become interrupted in the middle. what do I do? please help me.

  • Hi

    i don’t want to sound unappreciative but i tried the game twice and aside from the “Pick the option from the list presented” i have not seen any of the clicking objects, people ,places in the screen to make things happen? i honestly just kept clicking to go through the scenes, got as far as the cinema with Ariane and some other place with the bartender.

    does this change or has the game become a choose your own adventure with the branching points being lists?

    • Yes, SITA is a change in format from Date Ariane’s search and click format. The menus open up more story telling possibilities. I plan to remake Date Ariane as a hybrid of the two formats, some hunt and click, some menus, then if I am up to it, a third story (I’m thinking a sequel to Rachel’s “Interrogation Techniques” story.)

      • al long as you put in all of the twisted endings for the barmaid at home, i had the demented idea of her picking his pocket while strippers distracted him from shotting pool. chasing her down would offer more than a few odd ideas.

  • kemthesocialite

    i need help opening this on a mac please 😦

    • (assuming you grabbed the linux and not the windoze versoin. using the windoze version would require installing an emulator)

      same as my answer for linux. open a shell and cd to the game directory and do:


      an easier alternative to my pl script in that post is to make a symbolic link anywhere you want. assuming home directory. do (from inside game directory):

      ln -s ./S*sh /home/username/

      cd (autmatically puts you in your home directory)


      you should see a turquoise filename for the .sh script. it will run the same as if you were inside the directory. to open from here, just open a bash shell, and do:

      • as much as i hate ebay and paypal on principle, i donated my $5 to the pool. hope it keeps the bandwidth going for another um…3 minutes.

  • Jack :
    Here’s and idea for that training session: nude yoga class.

    I don’t get it. When I go to yoga, there’s nothing I can do (“too late”).Is it something I gotta do in the prequels?

  • I have a suggestion for you that could open up more branches. In the Gym story if you click on go over to talk to one of the girls that is not ariene… Your buddy basically says no, and then u gotta wait until that night and go to the bar with your buddy… Instead of doing all that why shouldn’t you be able to just you know… go over and talk with them anyways. Why do you HAVE TO take your friend’s advice? or when u choose your prequal ending so u walked in on ariene nude then she runs away from u at the gym. That at least should free up options for u to chat up the other females at the gym since ariene is obviously not interested in u b/c she thinks u are a pervert.

  • A torrent link would be nice. 😀

  • Here’s my two cents worth:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but there is no sign of the storm in the Rachel timeline at all:

    – you go with Ariane to the movie, have icecream – storm strikes
    – you go with Rachel to the movie, have coffee – no storm

    – you go to the house party with Ariane – lightning, thunder and rain
    – you go to the house party with Rachel – not even rain

    The amusement park and convention probably take place well before 11 pm (although “interrogation techniques” might go over), but the nightclub is another matter: show starts at 10 pm, band plays for an hour so the storm and blackout should hit there and then, but the after party has no problems (maybe the nightclub has a generator?), and if you choose to leave with Rachel for the photoshoot there is no sign of the storm or blackout either.

    • You’re missing something, if you’ve got enough endings to take on the video game at the start (it looks like you have) try it, it’ll be explained.

  • Hi, Ariane!

    Love your game and was really getting into it but now it won’t even start. 😦 Yesterday I installed the latest Microsoft patches to my Windows 8 Surface Pro and ever since SITA just crashes on startup with the following error in the Log.txt file:

    Sun May 19 08:49:02 2013

    Couldn’t import angle renderer:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Jeff\Misc\Ad071\Games\Somethings In The Air-beta2-win\renpy\display\”, line 1265, in make_draw
    File “renpy\angle\gldraw.pyo”, line 12, in
    File “renpy\angle\gldraw.pyo”, line 10, in __load
    ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
    Unknown renderer: angle

    Windowed mode.

    There’s probably nothing you can do to help me but just thought I should pass it on. Thanks so much for your game. It’s a real work of art!

    • This is why I use Win7, and stays away from Win8.

    • A solution, thanks to PyTom, the creator and lead developer of Ren’Pi!

      We found that the MS update broke the OpenGL graphics drivers and that an update direct from Intel was required to fix them. For other Windows 8 Surface Pro owners in the same situation, here is a link to the drivers which solved my problem:

      Thanks, again, to ArieneB and PyTom!

  • Hey araineb,

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for putting so much effort into SITA. While I may still slightly prefer the style of Date Araine, SITA is extremely fun. Also while I liked getting to see Araine again I have to admit I like Rachel more, her personality is really layered. In fact if you do another sequel I hope you continue with her as the main character.

    The reason for this is after the ending “Gamer Girl” Rachel tells her date that he can have sex with Arch Angel or Valeena the healer etc., but Rachel Spahr was off limits. This may be me reading too much into it but I think her reasoning for this is so she can hide behind those personas so she cannot get hurt herself (afraid of people just seeing the supermodel and not the girl) , and I think it would be interesting in a future continuation to break down those barriers to get Rachel to want to have a real relationship with you. Also I may be the minority on this but I found Rachel hottest in the casual outfit with braids and glasses, and hoped for a sex scene with her in those glasses. Whatever you do I hope you stick with Rachel because she is a really compelling character.

    I also really liked Paula but am sad that her part wasn’t longer or had any “fun” outcomes.

    My only criticism of the game were the very small side stories such as Bonnie, Wendy, and the emo girl. Also wasn’t a fan of Stacy but at least she served some plot relevancy because she spilled the drink on Araine. If you chose not to do any small side stories in the future continuations it wouldn’t phase me at all. I mean with Rachel and Araine there characters were written so much better that I felt a connection to them but not the other trivial characters. I just feel like you put quite a bit of effort that may have been better spent on Rachel, Araine, or Paula (for her limited time her character development was good).

    Again thank you for putting out such an awesome game and next payday I’ll make a donation.

    • Thanks. Interesting take on the Rachel story, I am considering a third story primarily focused on Rachel which takes off from the “Interrogation Techniques” ending, but I have yet to assemble a decent plot. I like your idea of finding the real Rachel buried behind her various personae. That could be a take on the story worth pursuing. I like the idea of a trilogy with part one focused on Ariane, part 2 being more epic (what Date Sim aficionados call “The Harem”) and part 3 aiming once again more narrowly. My general plan to start with another “harem”, but this time all Rachel. But I like the idea of trying to find the real Rachel.

      As for Paula, I have a satisfying conclusion to the “To Be Continued…” ending that will satisfy most of her fans. Paula seems to generate a lot of discussion for some reason.

      I want the conclusion to be included in SITA, but I do not know how long it will take me.

  • I’ve completed around 28-29 out of 40 endings. But there’s one thing that was a ‘turn off’, and that was Ariane’s response at the bar after getting wet (if you tick “Did if all!”, which I did). She acts like a b*tch, and that’s a turn off. Not sure if you want to tone it down a bit, or modify the text so she doesn’t come across as intentially cruel. Everyone makes a mistake.

    I liked the puzzles, they were nice! And you did a great job inventing comic book hero’s, and to be honest I don’t think I’ve heard the term LARPing before either.

    Lastly, maybe add a couple of different responses (and endings) with the R-word talk…? Maybe I’ve missed some of the endings here.

    Anyway, it’s a great job!

    • If you do that scene in the default mode, Ariane lobs a sharp insult and then the bartender intervenes, so Ariane does not have time to blow up.

      In “Done It All!” or any prequel setting where Ariane wins the amateur night strip club contest, it is obvious that Ariane and Stacy know each other and call each other by name. Ariane is not just yelling at Stacy about the wine, but she is bringing up the fact that Stacy has been acting badly since the nude photos of Stacy were published in the magazine. There is probably more to the story than we know, hence the mutual decision to back off, I assume that they will talk again when they are both calmer. In Ariane’s case, she gets a lot calmer once she has eaten something.

      Between civil war reenactments,, renaissance festivals, and cosplay at comic conventions, LARPing is a fairly common activity in the US, though it mostly attracts certain personality types, primarily ENFP and ENTP, which Rachel definitely fits.

      As for the R-Word talk, check the Director’s Commentary post. There are 3 different post dinner talks depending on the prequel settings.

      • Thanks, it seemed just out of character, but then it’s been some time since I played the first Ariane-game, so I don’t recall what happened between those two.

  • Ohhh, I forgot to mention the addition of music was a quite nice touch!

  • OMG, I went through a new try with Bonnie, and ended up with a funny as hell wall-of-text!! LOL!! Uh Oh? Hell, no!!

  • Nick :
    So I have to go on a date with each of the girls in the three stories to get the 4th one?

    I think so yes, or get a set amount of endings to do it.

  • I have tried to download this game for the past week. I have tried several different computers and all end with the same result. Cant download this file. What is the deal. I loved the first game and now it appears I cant play the follow up. can someone help me.

  • Darn that Vista!

    Trying very hard to play it on a machine running Vista but it crashes every time, usually around the time I get to the bar at the end of the first day. No consistent crash point but result every time is the same…black screen and “computer not responding”. What little I have seen of it looks great! The PC I use is very reliable for everything else it does…just does not seem to like SITA.

    • sdl is required (the webstie has links to find it). open source libraries aren’t included in windows by default, but they are available. that library will also cover gimp and anything running the gimp tool kit (gtk).

  • Can’t run it on Mac (OS X 10.5.8): it crashes at opening. Dommage…

  • I have Linux. What does it mean to remove the blanks? How do I do it?

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  • I unlocked all of the endings which allows me to see the ending to Ariane, Rachel, Bonnie, Wendy and Paula. Is all the endings the same no matter who you choose as the first?

  • why can’t I have the game to load when I click, instead I get a internet explorer icon that opens and closes, if you people trick me to download a virus i’m gonna kill you! (expression only)

  • It doesnt let me download the android link, it starts to download and then it immediately fails, i have a htc so it shouldnt be a problem

  • when will the release date Ariane something in the air in Portuguese?

  • please, the portuguese version

  • O jogo terá a versão em Português do Brasil? Espero bem que sim!

  • The game will have the Portuguese version of Brazil? I very much hope so!

  • portuguese version !!!!!

  • Please Potuguese version!!!

  • Brazilian love this game, Portugues version pls !!!!

  • Can you translate the game in french please ?

  • where can i download it

  • can i play this game on a kindle online

  • You could create a translation for pt_BR, as well as the Date Ariane.

  • Ariane My Freind,What Do You Thing What Game You Should Make In Future??

  • I cannot figure out the Wendy ending! I just need this last one!

  • I keep getting these error messages when I try to download. Please help!

    C:\Users\[Login]\AppData\Local\Temp\ could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

    C:\Users\[Login]\AppData\Local\Temp\ could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.

    Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.

  • Hello French version exists?

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