Three Minor Characters

Time for an update on whats going on with “the sequel” which still does not have a title yet.  Actually, I have not been working on it much the last month.   I knew this would happen though, because I know how I work.  I start by doing something creative which is rewarding but also a lot of work, and after a while I start to burn out.  So I start playing video games, which is relaxing and fun and easy, but after a while I start to get bored, and feel the need to do something creative.  And, the circle repeats.  This has been my pattern going on 20 years now, probably longer.  I figure this winter I’ll be back into creative mode until spring when I’ll be back into gaming mode.  This is why I gave myself a year to do something I could probably do in 6 months if I pushed myself.  Since I also know I do my best work when I am not pushing myself, its all good.  I just had to get that out.

Anyways, the last time I mentioned what was going on, I introduced a new version of Ariane.  When I did so, I was already done with her part of the story.  So I decided that for my next update I would introduce characters, that I am also already done with.

First up is Rebecca, the aggressive lesbian ex-stripper who works at the lingerie store.  You already know her from the first game of course.  My initial plan for her was to make her a major date character.  You would meet her at a gym in the morning, help her out with a big problem (in the form of a puzzle to solve), and she would reward  you by taking you out to dinner, and if dinner went well, she would take you to the strip club.  This was the original plan.  As usual plans change.

Rebecca suffers from the same ailment as the original Ariane: an old model in a new modeling environment that requires a lot of post work to look good.  Instead of creating a new version like I did with Ariane, I just switched her part with another minor character.  Her role got reduced.  As you can see, she still shows up at the gym.  She also makes an appearance in one of the possible Ariane dates, where an enlightening conversation takes place.  But I gave the “big problem” puzzle to another character, who is also skinny and blonde, but not a lesbian ex-stripper, which means a return trip to the strip club is out.  Luckily I came up with something better than a strip club, but that is a whole other story.

Second is Dave.  He is sort of the best friend/wing man who you may end up hanging out with.  I think of his personality as similar to Barney on How I Met Your Mother : Obsessed with sex, style, and picking up women.  Following him around means bar hopping.  The basic setting of the story is that you are new to town, and other than a date with Ariane, you have not had much of a social life.  Dave is the old friend from your old city who moved here before you did, so he is one of the few in your new town that you know.

Lastly, there is Stacy, aka the owner of the strip club you are no longer visiting with Rebecca.  The change in Rebecca’s story changed Stacy’s story too.  In the Date Simulator, she appears twice.  Once as the hostess of amateur night, and once on the cover of a porn magazine that you may attempt to purchase in the convenience store.  Since Stacy’s role got reduced, I figure it is only fair in the sequel to not only make the porn magazine purchasable, but also readable.  The first two pages of a 9 page spread are shown above.  The last three you have already seen in the first game:


Anyways, I need to get back to playing video games so I can get bored with them and feel motivated to work on the sequel project some more.


  • I understand the whole ‘burn n’ crash’ thing with attention span. I rarely plan to do things, rather taking them on in a rage of enthusiasm and then just as suddenly loose all interest and move on to something else. Consistency is a blessing for those who have it. I think we are going to see a few more changes with this before you’re through 🙂

    • Yeah, part of writing that paragraph was to motivate myself a little bit. I made the Date Simulator through numerous “rages of enthusiasm” spread out over a few years. I figure I’ll do the same with this project.

      As for major changes to come, I have no doubt that will happen. My main overall plan hasn’t changed, but the details keep evolving.

  • this way you are probably keeping everyone’s expectations very high. we’ll see how long it’ll take. good luck!

    • That’s kind of what I’m afraid of. Too high expectations, and massive disappointment with the results.

      I’m taking the advice of Chuck Jones, director of dozens of classic cartoons. He said he did not make cartoons to please an audience, he made cartoons to please himself. So I’m making this for myself, and if other people like it, well that’s cool!

      And if not, well, at least I will be happy with it.

  • Needs more Ariane naked in the modeling section ;o

  • people will like it regardless, they just might be anxious to see the result! and yes, even the modeling pictures work as some sort of a diary, so to speak

  • hello i thing this game is awesome but i really don’t know how to join this game.

  • Im trying to keep the expectations in check…the last dating sim was my fav – and i think the 2nd will be epic too….yes – trying to keep them in check indeed 😦

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