Dating Sim 7.0

All the stuff I wanted to do for version 7 is finally complete.  So I am officially releasing version 7 of Ariane’s Dating Sim.  The full release can be downloaded here.  If you already have the 7beta version download, all the changes since then can be downloaded as a small patch here.

The primary changes made since the beta release: New Lingerie store pictures, new mountain drive pictures, including strip club exterior.  Fixed a bug preventing you from getting to the lake, fixed a load bug in the rock paper scissors game, and redid some link maps that better fit the new pictures.  I also made a change so that you don’t have to drive from store to store downtown.

Since the last version (6.45) there are 315 new pictures.

There should not be any new bugs, as I have not made any new changes to the code, but if you find any, or if you know of old bugs, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Now I have no excuses left to avoid working on the sequel.


  • I have been a fan of this dating sim, wondering when some glitches and link maps would be fixed. I was wondering though if some dead ends like the boat ride and the amusement park were also fixed. If so, it’d be nice to see the upcoming sequel.

  • OMG! The Player is a vampire!?

    Kudos for still working on this, and improving one of the best virtual dating games out there.

  • Graen :
    OMG! The Player is a vampire!?

    Hahahahahhahaha – GREAT observation!

  • My wife loves this game. Don’t ask me why

  • And once again, “Thanks” for your efforts.

  • Found a minor bug. If we go dancing with Rebeca while Ariane is wearing the black dress there is one scene where she is wearing casual clothes while dancing with Rebeca.

  • i keep downloading it but its only pictures, i dont have an actual client to play D: i am using windows 7

    • The client is Internet Explorer 8, or Firefox, or Chrome. Unzip the download, and double click on the index.htm file in the root directory to start.

      • Ok i got to the date ariane part, now it won’t let me introduce myself, i keep clicking but to no avail :/

    • I’m using windows 7 and having the same problem. I unzipped the folder, clicked index.html and won’t let me introduce myself.

  • the sequence of driving to the convenience store in the towel seems to be bugged. You pull up to the front of the store twice and then there is no option to drink the beer when sat in the jeep.

  • Just came across your game and it is great. I downloaded it and while going through all the pictures I notice a lot of them that don’t come up in the game. Are they extras for future releases? Pics like ariane laying on the kitchen table, in the pool taking off my underwear and such. How do I get them to come up in the game.

    • Rene,
      There are exactly a gazillion different ways to play this game. Keep making different choises and the game will will take different paths. The pictures you mention are reachable in the game, just keep trying different things and you’ll find them. Good luck.

  • New patch available fixes the clothing change bug in the club mentioned above, and also the towel at the convenience store bug mentioned in the beta thread.

  • Two more bug fixes associated with the convenience store have been patched. There were two ways to visit the store twice in the same game.

    It is now limited to once. Relevant files can be found in the patch posted above.

  • I hope the game glitch I found doesn’t deter you from making a sequel: It used to work, but now I can’t get the stargazing options “get a beer or take off dress”.

    • Hmm, the only change I made to that part was change the line from “go to the store and get some beer” to just “get some beer”, because if you already went to the store, you don’t need to go back. It will take you to the kitchen instead. The beer option shows up after you have swam or hot tub and have showered off. Otherwise, the offer is “hot tub”. But lets face it, nobody ever picks the first option anyways.

      The take off dress option requires that all the requirements for nudity have been met. I just tested and it still works. If all the requirements are not met, then it reverts to “flash boobs”.

  • Huh…either I overlooked something after all, or maybe it already got fixed by now. Sorry if it turned out to be that I overlooked something…but thanks all the same.

  • I found a bug, if after naked hot tub (the one that starts naked) I choose skinny dipping, there is a text “I don’t have a towel” but the picture is with one and it stays on.

    • I could not replicate it. If you go to the backyard with a towel on (dress = 7) then hot tub naked, then skinnydip, she gets out of the pool and puts her towel back on. If you go to the back yard without a towel (dress = 9) and do the same thing, then she gets out of the pool without a towel correctly.

  • Apparently, I really did find a game glitch this time. It seems though that the only reason why the non-download version of your dating sim is probably still glitching…is because the hasn’t been put into the non-download version of your dating sim, for it still has glitches where there’s nothing to click on to continue for all convenience store and beer sequences(black dress, towel, and casual wear). Even though there’s also a glitch of not being able to go somewhere else after the spin the bottle lands on going out to town(while wearing a bikini), I think all of these glitches can simply be corrected in the non-download version with the And I do hope this doesn’t deter you from making a sequel, because it’s still good and all besides those few glitches.

    • Actually I am working on a version 7.1 and uploading changes to the non-download version. If there is nothing to click on, that means there is a syntax error in one of the files associated with the store. I’ll have to investigate.

  • I’m having problems playing the game. When i click the downloadable version this comes up

    “Firefox can’t find the file at /C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_datingsimulator7 (1).zip/index.htm.”

    Can someone please help

  • Downloaded the game a couple times now, but keep getting the same error that it can’t fild the defaul.htm I look for it in the folder but its not there. Any ideas?

  • dating ariane 6.4 dosent open it says the owner of the website has to ring to fix it and so i cant see that game

  • I love your sim! It’s really amazing!
    I’ve played it 1000 times and I think it’s time for a new version.
    Can I support you any way? tell me!

    Greetings from Switzerland!

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