Finally! Dating Sim 7 beta

Yes, I finally finished it to the point it is releasable, and I’m declaring it version 7 because there is so much new stuff.  I basically got rid of most of the video game screenshot backgrounds and replaced them with new 3D art renders.

There are 291 new pictures, and I have at least 8 more I still want to do (the lingerie shop and the mountain road).  Two more locations, the dress shop and the amusement park, still use game screenshots, but for various reasons, I won’t be updating either. The photoshoot backdrop was way too hard to create, so I used a stock photo I found on wiki commons.  I may eventually replace it with a photo of my own if I ever get enough time to drive up into the mountains.

I managed to get past the Firefox bug by replacing all mouseover with mousemove commands. This will slightly change the look and feel of the game if you use any browser other than Internet Explorer.  I tested this on Firefox 4 beta, and it works fine.  The fonts have changed from Comic Sans to Times New Roman with rollover text in Arial, but if you want something different there is a date.css file that changes fonts really easy.

The pictures are still 800×500 jpg files, any bigger and they will eat up too much bandwidth, but as long as you are not using Safari, you can enlarge the game by adjusting the view size.  The pictures look great enlarged to 150% and the link maps work fine.  Safari can not handle the enlargement of frames.

There are very few actual changes to the play of the game, but there is at least one known bug in the download (fixed in the web version), and some of the rollover maps need updating because of the new pictures.  I have corrected as many as I can, but I am sure there are some flaws. Story wise there are very minor changes: any travel from the suburbs to downtown will include a freeway travel picture, there are other new introductory pictures, and some funny sight gags added, and a new occasionally available interaction in the backyard. Other than that it is pretty much the same as 6.45, it just looks a lot better.

Feel free to post bugs in the comments, I hope to have a final version to post in about a month.


  • Thanks,
    So far it looks great. Is the waitress at the fast food place topless?

    • Ha! I was wondering how fast that question would come up, amazingly fast.

      The story goes like this. I needed a replacement for the brand named fast food and found a diner model online that was perfect. I have part of a diner waitress uniform, but it is missing a shirt. The thought occurred to me to make a topless diner like that place in Maine before it burned down. The idea made me giggle, but I deemed that idea was a bit way over the top and decided against it, and went back to looking for a shirt prop I could use.

      Then a second thought occurred: What if I left the shirt off, but then in every picture covered the boobs with props so that you never actually see anything. This made me giggle, then giggle some more, until I forced myself to do it.

      So the official answer is NO, but I am leaving it up to the imagination.

  • awesome!
    but.. can u put more download mirrors? 4shared is really slow..
    i imagine date ariane final version! a perfect full 3d date sim with install, exe and full screen! wow that sounds too good! XD!

  • I am posting a patch file Right click and save, then extract to your download. It currently has only one file (text84), but as other bugs get reported, I’ll add to it until a final release is done.

  • I like the way you did the waitress at the diner. It is fun not being able to tell for sure.
    I can’t get to the romantic walk at the lake. After going to the restaurant and the club we end up back at Ariane’s house. Is that a rule change or a bug?

  • Great game, but there’s a “bug” when playing paper-rock-scissors.

    pic*.html & resp*.html are loaded in the same time. If resp*.html finish to load before pic*.html, so parent.quote is set to 0, and no picture is loaded -> dead end.

    Here is a “fix” i try :
    – remove “parent.quote = 0;” from resp33*.html
    – add parent.quote = 0; on line 60 in text33.html (first line in next() function).

    Also another one, but i think it’s due to frame : document.getElementById(‘playact’) return null few times.
    I might be tempted to change :
    document.getElementById(‘playact’).innerHTML = […];
    if (document.getElementById(‘playact’) != null)
    document.getElementById(‘playact’).innerHTML = […];

    Anyway, great job 😉

  • Another “bug” :
    When you win the paper-rock-scissor game, if you choose to eat dinnner outside and you are able to enter the bedroom, you go nowhere.

    It seems due to parent.changeto = 8 instead of 5.

    • Thanks on both. I’ll investigate.

      OK I fixed the first rock paper scissors issue, fix is in the update file.

      As for the second, I do not know of a circumstance that will make you eligible to enter the bedroom before eating dinner. In order to enter the bedroom while she changes, she needs to have at least 3 drinks, but 3 drinks on an empty stomach = too drunk to continue.

  • Great job madam ! Bringing back some mystery in the possible storylines is great.

    I must admit, and you may guess how hard it is for me, that in my view the environment is sometimes between very well applied textures (previous versions) and very rich and reality-like built scenes (future versions), so not perfectly immersive. The club has interesting decor, nice NPCs, but these seems a bit too “static” to make us imagine to be in a club.

    But the general impression is that coherence of spaces is improving (even if it wasn’t that bad), and the detailed pictures fit better to the high quality of the storytelling structure.

    A bug I encountered : going out in black dress, after taking a drink in the club and choosing lingerie we could go back to the club with Reb’… where ArianeB weared red top and jeans.

    If you have seconds, and if you technically can, could you send me a mail to talk about AR, chatting alone 5 minutes daily is a bit… hem.

    Goood courage to you, and thanks again for your continous and great work.

    K u U u n K

  • And thanking you once again for your efforts.

    Change the backgrounds and scenery all you want, but don’t go messin’ with our Dreamgirl Ariane!

  • I first wanna say, that this is just the best Game on the Internet, I have only been playing this year but I appreciate the time you have taken with this, the detail, the previous versions, compared to every other game, not just Dating Sims, but all of them, this is the best. I would love if this became a available for home consoles like the 360 or PS3, with even more to do. And the newest version doesn’t disappoint, sure there are a few bugs, but you’ll get’em, as you have done so this far. Please keep this great franchise alive, long live ArianeB!!!

  • If all you’ve done is update the images, then why change the code?

  • Ha! I love this game.

    I opened the game on explorer (exploder?) and started it off with the little tiny corner hotspot (after all these years I know Ariane very very well, you know, so I feel like I _should_ be able to use that little hotspot) and I immediately get taken to the Ari/Reb-home-drinking-to-couchduo scenario. I know that you released for firefox (only) but thought you should know this weird behavior for future.

    This is no liability from my perspective. I’ve never really been able to get through the bounce around and strip scene on my own and this has given me some good practice at it.

    I’m really a chrome guy but now I guess I have to go download firefox.

  • It looks alot better. What you need next is a scene in the shower and a threesome with rebecca ad ariane

  • Great game ! I love your work ! since the beginning.

    But I have a question, In the future, you think adding new end, new location or a new scenario ? Or not ?

  • I just ran it in Firefox and it’s exactly the same – the little corner dohickey in the first screen led me to Ari&Reb drink/couchduo.

    Never Mind.

  • Good work. How about adding a bra to the game?

    • Let the tities be free! 😉
      Seriously it would certainly imply so much reshaping in the cloths, picture after picture, than this proposition seems too much time consuming.

  • Great game the new backdrops are great. Liked the fact after removing top at bench you can now get her to remove Pants. The only drawback I can see is after so many times a new ending would be nice maybe the pool this time. Just a suggestion

  • Great update thus far, thanks for you hard work.

    The museum visit seemed completely broken for me. Also I found that the “action” in the hot tub wouldn’t progress past breast fondling.

    • You can, it has an issue with the image map, there is a small hostpot that is not correctly positioned.
      I know we can send bug reports here, is there any way to send you a patch?

  • Bring back the parking lot sex!!! 😀

  • Found another bug (or an intentional thing) that you can go to store twice in one game (normal drive and ToD)

    In addition, I offered to help you to turn this game into an Android game, in the comments of Japanese dating sims post, did you notice it?

    Thanks for an awesome game!

  • I am obviously not sure if it is intentional, but when you are at the parking lot after daring her to go into the convenience store naked, you can’t drink th ebeer, it just has a choice to go home.
    Also, in the hot tub, I could not find the spot to select anything passed breast fondling.

  • Found a bug..

    move order:
    -grill steaks
    -yard bench
    -eat dinner (more wine)
    -Go swimming
    -Take shower
    -Go for a drive

    Not sure what else I might have done, but sometimes the image before you leave’s button doesn’t do anything. The line on the page is

  • The Date Sim 7 beta patch has been updated. Fixed the Rock paper scissors bug mentioned above, new pics on the drive up to the lookout point, and going from the night club to the the dress shop no longer involves getting in a car and driving across the street.

    I’ll have an official version 7 release out soon as long as no one finds any new bugs.

  • the sequence of driving to the convenience store in the towel seems to be bugged. You pull up to the front of the store twice and then there is no option to drink the beer when sat in the jeep.

    • Yeah has this been fixed? Or is it meant to be there?
      Thanks for the awesome game, very fun!

    • New patch available fixes the clothing change bug in the club, and also the towel at the convenience store bug.

      Before, if you challenged Ariane to enter the store without a towel, a successful challenge would cause the intro scene to repeat. I fixed this by adding an extra intro scene standing in front of the car. This is where you can offer her a towel. Challenging her to take it off again happens in front of the store. The various combinations of choices may result in a new “immodest” version.

      The drinking beer in the car scene was dropped a few versions back.

  • Wow this is really cool I have a link to you on my main 3d art blog. I am happy to see others out there rendering away. I have all kinds of different 3d renders in fact to many to even post so I even post my best work now. Again this new upgrade looks awsome.

  • Are you Ariane Beresford in SL ?? if so you know me in Sl I am called Badabong or Bada …. I met you in crossroads a long while back as a different avi

    • Nope I’m Ariane Brodie or Ariane Barnes in SL. Have never met Ariane Beresford, but I have met Ariane Blanc, who owns the region Ariane in SL.

      Guess when it comes to avatar names, a lot of us think alike.

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