Ariane’s New Hood

I mentioned a few posts ago that I am doing some set design stuff to enhance the current Dating Sim and to set up a sequel.  This has been challenging and fun, and I thought I’d show off a few new renders.

Today, I am showing off the local neighborhood. The dating sim has 3 places near Ariane’s house: The park, the convenience store, and the burger joint.  The park I am leaving the same, but since the convenience store was a crappy screenshot from a video game, it needed a new set.  I surrounded it with tract homes to indicate it was in the suburbs with the house.

I actually created two convenience stores, mostly identical except the posters on the wall and the employee at the counter.  Going to the store before going downtown will get you the urban location.  After downtown gets you to the suburb location with Ariane’s friend Jessie.

Ariane’s backyard was built with screenshots from The Sims 2, and beyond the red picket fence it was pretty much vacant.  Now there are more tract houses and trees, and if you look close enough you can see the city park from her backyard.  Its about 2 houses down the road, easy walking distance.

I still have not decided about the back yard. I just built the 3D set as a concept so far. There are over 100 pictures set in the back yard that would have to be redone.

Finally in the local neighborhood, I decided to replace the well known fast food joint with a diner style chain called Drive-N-Dine which I made up myself. I bought a new model and recolored it and redesigned it to my needs.

With building my own models I get to play with geography and design a “world” to play in.  Just as you can see the park from the back yard, you can see the same tract houses out the window in the diner, and you can see the sign for the diner on the left edge of the gas station picture.  One of the models I got has a fake drink called “Loco-Cola” so I included signs for the drink inside the convenience store, and put a “Loco-Cola” soda fountain in the diner too.  I put up advertising posters and billboards for other places that show up in the game too.


  • great job! congratulations 🙂 and since you’re updating everything, why don’t you change her clothes too? she is so beautiful, that some new clothes would make it all even better looking. are there any alterations on the game as well?

  • I’d love to, but that would require doing over 700 new pictures. I purposely picked her clothes to be as fashion neutral as possible. A girl in a red tank top, black jeans and white tennis shoes would not look out of place anytime in the past 40 years, nor would a basic black dress or a string bikini.

    The problem with fashion neutral is of course that it is kind of dull, but avoids the mistake of looking horribly dated later. Had I dressed her in the fashion at the time of the start of this project (2003), she would have been in a backless halter top and very low cut jeans. Both of which have thankfully gone out of fashion. 🙂

  • Nice work. Good to see that you’re not limiting yourself. As for the previous poster, maybe better for a sequal with new clothings and stuff.

  • Always happy to see progress on one of your games. Do you have any ETA for the new game, or is it just a project you work on when you have spare time and thus finished when it’s finished?

  • oh, ok! sorry for such an ignorant comment then. your work looks amazing anyways!

  • What about some new scenes with Rebecca? You know what I mean….. 🙂

  • Btw this dating sim is getting better and better, great work!

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