Dating Sim 6.0

I decided I have done enough tweaking and released Dating Sim 6.0 as a download.  I was going to release it as 5.9 and then have 6.0 be the “bug free” version of 5.9, but being bug free is likely an impossibility anyways.

Since version 5.0 I have looked over all the “places”, especially the older ones, and I have enhanced them all in some way. I took a look at version 5.8 and decided the weakest parts were the non-romantic lake beach, the boat, and the home improvement store. There were also some bugs in the nightclub that could not be fixed without a complete code rewrite.

The other enhancement I had made since 5.8 is to organize my rendering files better. The Ariane model has changed here and there over the years, and some of the older pictures did not look as good as the later ones. So I went and re-rendered a bunch of the older pics using the newer Ariane models. These pictures are “cleaner” looking and actually compress into smaller jpg files. Even though there is more content, version 6.0 is actually a smaller download than version 5.8.

If you find any new bugs, post them in the comments.


  • I like the new renders – makes a big difference in the overall feel of the game.

  • After taking can take Ariane and Rebecca home from the club, they are both drunk and then when you’re in the room with Rebecca she asks you if she should get naked or not. There is an error when you say that you will wait in the living room. The game does nothing. If you choose to get naked it gives you the option to wait for Ariane but doesn’t give you an option to continue and have sex. Once you wait, since you’re forced to, Ariane comes in and is pissed. She says to not disturb her sleep implying that you can have sex with Rebecca but that doesn’t work either. The only option is to go to sleep.

  • After long good evening go to the kitchen (Ariane with a wine suggests something to do). Choose “Ask if she has any other ideas” (may be twice). A footer like “That`s OK, we can do something else. Here`s another suggestion: undefined” appears and it’s impossible to continue.

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