Date Simulator 5.5

Back with a much anticipated Dating Sim update.

I released version 5.0 of the dating simulator a year ago, and thought it would be fun to do an update release. Since the last release I have found a few alternate “hacked” versions to the dating simulator. The general trend of these hacks were to make the game 1) easier, 2) more erotic, 3) more “Rebecca”. Two of them had the same “doin’ it twice” alternate ending, which I agree is better than my “lights out” ending in 5.0.

This is version 5.5 because for the past year I have been sneaking in minor changes to the online version. Last April I snuck in an alternative “pants” photoshoot. Last September I changed Rebecca’s annoyingly generic striptease routine to something completely ungeneric and just plain silly. Besides these changes I have been adding extra pictures here and there for better story flow, and replacing pictures I wasn’t happy with. Nothing really major.

One of the hacked versions I got came from “Rick” who did a version with sound effects, which while cool ultimately makes things too complicated. He also rewrote a lot of the dialogue, making it funnier and more playful. That I really liked enough to incorporate a lot of it. The text is now centered on every page and the text area is larger for up to 4 lines of dialogue. Instead of changing fonts of other characters, I changed the color of the text. Rebecca is in blue, all the other minor characters are in red.

In addressing the other changes people like to hack around:

Making it easier: Going from version 4 to 5, I established some rules and made them consistent. This was good until you get to the ending scenarios. Some of these were extra difficult. So I established some more consistent rules for ending scenarios. Some are a little harder as a result, most are easier. (hint: Ariane loves to dance!!)

More erotic: For purposes of keeping my website from being tagged “porn” I try to keep things R rated. There are some highly erotic moments in the game, true, but I follow this simple code: The difference between “erotic” and “porn” is in the lighting and camera angles. I did incorporate the “doin’ it twice” ending, adding two new animations to do it right.

More Rebecca: The original basic plan for Rebecca was to pick her up at the lingerie store, take her to the bar, go back to the house and swim. But what if you have already been to the club (and got thrown out)? I had to add a scenario that got you to a different club. But what if you have already been swimming? Well in 5.0 the game abruptly ends at the club, which is kinda lame. My original plan to fix this was originally big and elaborate (like 60 pictures big). Way too big for such a rare occurrence. Took me a while but I got it narrowed down to a size that only needed about 12 new pics. This is the only new “scenario” in 5.5. You still may experience the abrupt end by the way, but for different reasons (hint: Ariane loves to dance!!)

Other than that, most of the changes consist of rewriting some of the older scenarios and adding or changing some pictures, mostly for story flow purposes: “beer”, “whisky”, “truth or dare”, “skiing”, “swimming”, “park photoshoot”, and “convenience store”, have all been at least tweaked.

Since it was hacked versions that helped me out this time, I thought I’d change the licensing of the game. The game is now under creative commons: You are not allowed to make money off of it, or any derivations of it, you have to attribute the original source, and any versions you make should be open source as well. If you want to host it advertisement free somewhere else, go ahead. If you want to translate the text into other languages, go ahead. If you want to do versions on other media (i.e. ipod touch, console, flash, etc.), its OK. Actually, I’d love an ipod touch version, but if this isn’t allowed by Apple, I doubt the dating sim will.

Note: The version 5.5 has been up for a week, but I only fixed the last of the bugs (hopefully) today. If you downloaded it last week, you might want to download again.


  • resp87.htm no workee. (Needs before .)

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Loove the new artwork!

  • Make that “needs ‘endscript’ before ‘endhead'”

    (I didn’t THINK I was going to get away with using tags.)

  • What a great surpirse to see this last week, that you’re still taking interest in updating this game and making it better.

    Thank you

  • Thank you for all your hard work ! I love Ariane !

  • @Rick
    Well darn. I fixed it on the online version. Next download update I guess.

  • With the scene on the bed with Rebecca: you can wait… or wait… (while she asks what they will do).
    Oh, and therefore there is a link that doesn’t work (while Rebecca is on the bed and you can leave, but that link doesn’t work).

  • You’ve come a long way since the first version, and are you still using Poser5 and V3? (mentioned in an interview at a blog somewhere you used P5…)
    Thanks for your hard work on the Dating Sim, it’s still one-in-a-kind. :S

  • @NG
    I upgraded to Poser 7, but still using Victoria 3. Victoria 4 actually looks different than V3. If I were starting fresh, I might upgrade, but it is importan to keep pictures looking consistent, especially since the earliest pictures are 5 years old.

  • Well, I have P7 (upgraded from P6), but I am a lot more comfortable with DAZ Studio myself. Hmmm, are you interested in creating a similar ‘you’, like the V3-character, using V4 instead? The TC2 can easily convert the skin texture between V3 and V4 if you already have something you’re confortable with. Besides, both Mike4 and Vicky4 is free, hope you won’t mind if I add some links since the search-feature there aren’t perfect:

    And another thing, I am not sure if you browse the Poser-forums or the DAZ-forums, but the shoulder-thing is now a thing of the past. Some of the PA’s made a free shoulder-fix for V4, look here:

    And a better fix, though not free, at rendo:


    It’s easy to see the difference between the adjustments. Besides, since there are difficult times economically, I wanted to mention the free stuff and not mention the other stuff to much. Besides, my nick on both the DAZ-forums and at rendo is NorseGraphics. The best thing I’ve done so far is this (I am merely an amateur, not a professional):

  • I like this a lot, but there are some problems. When you make some choices, it freezes. One of them being truth or dare in the hot tub, also making out on the table. You click and nothing happens. It won’t take you to the next thing.

  • Anyone else having trouble runing the game offline ? and by the way The game is very fun nice work Ariane

  • @Kristen
    The only time the game freezes is if 1. there’s a mistake in the page javascript code or 2. the program needs a file that does not exist.

    If anyone runs into a freeze, tell me where. What browser you are using would be helpful too.

  • Never mind lol got it to work offline now going to be wasting a few more days playing it all over again. 🙂 I think most of the freezes that happen are from are browsers. i’m using Firefox 3.0+ works fine for me

  • First off, I just want to say how much I love your game. It certainly has come a long way since I first played it, and that was already version 4.2. Your animation skills have greatly improved, and the newest animations are much smoother than the older ones.

    I especially liked the Rebecca fake out in version 5.5. It’s just priceless.

    Anyway, the main reason I’m ending my long lurkdom is that I found one bug in the game. It involves the ending of the hottub favor scenario. At the end, you get transported to the living room and shot down. In text62.htm:

    if (parent.locat == 3){

    should be

    if (parent.dress == 5 || parent.dress == 7 || parent.dress == 9){

    I’m not sure if that is the best solution, but I tested it on my copy, and it seemed to have the desired effect.

    Also, speaking of bugs, someone listed issues in the 12th post of this thread:

    I’m not sure if all of them are correct. qbv8 listed the images associated with the spin the bottle game as never accessed by the game, but I know they are. Also, I looked at the files listed, and I know I’ve seen some of those responses. I have not investigated, however, to see if they are being referenced there or from a duplicate elsewhere.

    I hope this isn’t coming across as a complaint, but, since you asked about any freezes, I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Anyway, thanks for the game. It really is great.

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I came across your game about a year ago when version 5 was first put out, I played it and fell in love with it, and the hacks that people had posted were nice additions to an already great game! I’m downloading this now, I honestly can’t wait to play this. Your hard work has made me very happy, and yes I do have a life outside my PC, but when you just want to sit down and do something naughty this fills the void :).

  • Now available for the Wii
    See what you get when you put your game under a CC license? (I had nothing to do with this version BTW)

  • Congratulations on going multiplatform. Not everyone can say they achieved that.

    I have found a couple more small bugs. None of them affect gameplay, they are more logic issues.

    If nudity is okay, and you have fondled her top, it causes her to forgo her bikini, however, if you follow her into the bedroom when she changes, it shows her wearing the bikini. When she enters the hallway, she says she’s too tipsy to deal with the knots. That doesn’t make sense, if she was already wearing it. A fix for that in pic12h.htm is to change:

    if ((parent.changeto == 0 || parent.changeto == 3) && (parent.nudeok() && parent.drinks > 3))


    if ((parent.changeto == 0 || parent.changeto == 3) && ((parent.nudeok() && parent.drinks > 3) || (parent.nudeok() && parent.topf > 0)))

    For some reason, though, that causes the opposite problem if she is drunk. She’ll be naked in the bedroom saying she’s too tipsy for the knots, but she’ll be wearing the bikini in hallway. To fix that, change, in text12.htm:

    parent.dress = 4;
    parent.justchanged = 1;
    if (parent.nudeok()) {
    if (parent.topf > 0)
    parent.dress = 7;


    parent.dress = 4;
    parent.justchanged = 1;
    if (parent.nudeok()) {
    if (parent.topf > 0 || parent.drinks > 3)
    parent.dress = 7;

    There is still the issue of her saying she’s too tipsy when she isn’t drunk, so in resp12c.htm change:

    if (parent.dress >= 7){
    parent.quote = 4;


    if (parent.dress >= 7){
    if (parent.drinks > 3)
    parent.quote = 4;
    parent.quote = 6;

    None of the existing quotes are really appropriate to that situation, so a new one is needed:

    resp[6] = ‘You know, I`m feeling a little daring.   I think I`ll forgo the bikini.’;

    Of course, you could probably come up with something better; that’s just a example. I’m new to javascript, so I may be introducing a new bug, but I tested it out under a few combinations of variables and it seems to work. The only issue I see is potentially that new response may be selected randomly in a different situation, but I don’t know how to prevent that. So that addresses the first issue.

    The second issue is even smaller and easier to fix. If you go to the backyard after dinner, the random quotes often involve her wearing her bikini. If she is still in her casual clothes, however, that doesn’t make sense. So, in resp18.htm add:

    if (parent.dress <= 3){
    parent.quote = 7;

    Why did I pick resp[7]? Because it also doesn’t make much sense. As much as I love the line, it is more of a response to requesting nudity, not something one says before any such suggestion is made, so I think it should be changed to something generic, like:

    resp[7] = ‘Do you want to do something out here, or shall we head back inside? . . .   Or we could go out.’;

    Once again, I’m sure you could come up with something better. Also, since resp[3] and resp[4] are fairly generic, they could be used instead of changing resp[7].

    I’m sorry for my nitpicking, but at least it shows I actually read the text. I also apologize for the extremely long post. Before I go, I just want to say, again, how much I enjoy your game, and I’d like to thank you for making it. I’ll shut up now.

  • wow this game is great. will you be adding to this? Or can you tell me of others similar. would love to know both. would be awesome to have many more senarios and other players involved.


  • Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  • Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  • Your game is really great! I have never seen a so challenging dating simulator. Maybe you could make it easier to get the “romantic walk on the beach”-scene. The scene is very large and beautyful but you hardly get there (without checking the source text).


  • First, the new version is great. I’ve been playing (offline) for years and this is biggest change in game play in a long time. It’s kept me entertained for hours.

    I’ve done work with both Javscript and Poser and am in awe of what you have accomplished. I was especially impressed with the floating hair in the underwater scene in the new version.

    Now, a couple of nits. Curtis alluded to part of it in his post above, but there is a general problem when Ariane has had a few drinks and tries to change into a swimsuit. Under the old rules (pre-5.5) the number of drinks was the determining factor whether she changed clothes successfully or not; in 5.5 other elements are involved. (Since this is a public space, I’m not going to spoil the game by describing those elements.)

    In all versions at this point in the game the player can follow Ariane into her bedroom while she changes. Unfortunately, once in the bedroom the current version still uses the old pre-5.5 rules. The image and text displayed depend on how much she has had to drink. Once back out in the hall the new 5.5 rules are in force again. For example, she may have too little to drink under the old rules, but meet the other, new requirements and appear clothed in the bedroom, but come into the hall in only a towel. On the hand she may be nude in the bedroom, but clothed in the hall because of the difference between the old rules and new rules.

    The other problem is the park bench. When the player wins the sky watching contest, if the player chooses to have Ariane flash her boobs, the correct text does not appear at bottom of the page. Instead the player is presented with picnic/boob-flashing choices again.

    You may ask, “What if the player initially chooses ‘poolside picnic’, does that work as expected?” My answer is, “Seriously dude, who cares? Would anyone ever not choose boob-flashing?” (Joking aside, that works fine, it’s only the boob-flashing that’s broken.)

    By the way, I’ve encountered these problems in Firefox 3.08, and Safari 3 and 4.

    Once again, great work and very much appreciated.

  • Sorry, one more thing I forgot in my post above. In order for the file “index.htm” to work correctly, you need to change the name of the directory “datingsimulator” to “dateariane” as it was in previous versions of the game. This is the name that the loadgame() function in “index.htm” expects for the directory of “default.htm”.

    Alternatively of course, you could change the call in loadgame()

    As reported above, the problem applies to the downloaded 5.5 version of the game run in the most recent flavors of Firefox and Safari.

  • The game freezes in 2 places
    one where she goes into the bedroom to get changed, wait in the hall freezes (go for ride works instead)

    The other is amusement park, after the wet log ride, click to go home
    does nothing it freezes and so does she in a wet T-shirt

    version -latest on-line April 12

  • Sorry of this is a very stupid question, but how do you get the download version to work??? I really have no idea. There’s just htm- jpg- and gif-files…

    Love the game by the way, but in this latest online version it already freezed on 3 different places on me in the 10 minutes I played it.

  • @Bert
    Open the zip folder and double click on index.htm. Might help to extract the folder first.

    I need to get busy fixing all these noted bugs.

  • Hi, seen the sim but was not able to get very far on line due to errors. What is the method for running the sim off line?

    Be nice to see exactly what this sim is capable of.


  • OK, saw the comments/question above. Sorry.

  • Is there a way where u can have sex with Rebeca?

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