Second Life Cliché Bingo!

It seems that Second Life, especially the mainland, is like an American shopping mall. Go to any shopping mall and you will find the same 50 chain stores as the mall closest to your home. Most mainland builds are all the same unoriginal clichés repeated. I’m sure there are some original builds, but mostly its generally the same stuff over and over again.

So I decided to make a game of it. Introducing Second Life Cliché Bingo! Its part Bingo, part scavenger hunt.

Start with the picture above, or make a 5×5 matrix and fill each square with something you see a lot of in Second Life. Then pick a random spot on the mainland, and see how long it takes you to find five in a row or black out the whole board. Notice that I did not include any avatar clichés, the truth is that if you really pick a random mainland spot, you run a 70-80% chance of going somewhere where there are no other people around.

Anyways, here are the clichés I included in the picture above. I found all 24 within a group of 6 servers, and screenshot the evidence.

Top Row:
A piece of furniture with sex “pose balls” attached.
An object with the default pinewood texture
One of those stupid home security scripts telling you to leave in 10 seconds or else!
A parked vehicle (car, boat, plane, etc)
A tree made of sculptie prims

Second Row:
An Asian build (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.)
A flag or banner made with a flexi prim
A house, complete with yard, floating high in the sky
A nearly vacant plot of land with an off limits barrier in place
Something that spams Notecards or landmarks to passers by

Third Row:
Any object that emits particles
A vacant nightclub or bar
free space
church, cathederal, wedding chapel, or religion oriented build
A beach with fake prim waves

Fourth Row:
A clothing store
A wall picture containing nudity (or selling skin textures)
A “Castle” or a medieval inspired build
A pointlessly tall skyscraper build
Prim rotating spotlights

Fifth Row:
A temp object that didn’t de-rez, or any object that got stuck and abandoned
An animated animal or robot wandering around
A rotating “land for sale” sign
A “No Fly” zone
A 16m plot of land with advertising

Good Luck!!

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