Story 2 Topless Volleyball

Key choice: “Your alarm goes off for 7 AM, you forgot to turn it off last night”
Pick: “Go to the local gym, where all the hot women tend to be on Saturday morning”

Key choice: “Looks like all the hottest women are headed to yoga class.”
Pick: “Do some weight training.”

Key choice: “I figure someone in your shape should be able to do 50.”
Pick: “Pretend to do 50 leg lifts”

Key choice: “You should be able to do 50 easy.”
Pick: “Negotiate down.”

Key choice: “Why don’t you ride for 2 miles this time.”
Pick: “Let me try a mile and see how it goes.”

Key choice: “So, why not finish our first training session with a run on the beach, and lots of bikini clad women?”
Pick: “Sure I’ll give you a ride to the lake.”