Hidden Ending: Drive-N-Dine


This story can also show up in story 2 if you meet Rachel but fail to get to the dinner stage. It is not an official ending, so it doesn’t count as one.

In the “Options” menu, got to “Prequels” and select any date EXCEPT “Did It All!!”

Key choice: “Your alarm goes off for 7 AM, you forgot to turn it off last night”
Pick: “Call Ariane, and she wants to go out again”

Key choice: “Let’s go… back to my place so I can change” (this choice is not available on “Did It All!!”)
Pick: “It’s not that big of a stain, and you still look fabulous” (wrong choice Ariane leaves without you)

There are two versions:

Key choice: “Can I get you anything else?”
Pick: “Slow Night Tonight?”

This version results in an impromptu striptease of one of the waitresses Lexi.

Key choice: “Can I get you anything else?”
Pick: “What’s with the pictures…” or “So, why are you wearing a top?”

This version results in a history lesson of the Drive-N-Dine.


One thought on “Hidden Ending: Drive-N-Dine

  1. George January 4, 2018 / 4:53 am

    Why I can’t access this ending? I already completed all other endings.

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