SITA Player Notebook

This is where to find the information in the Player Notebook. WARNING: This page contains MAJOR spoilers and is just here as a reference if you are stuck.


“Unlocked Clue 1: Clear Skies” (any date with Ariane that ends in her noticing a sudden storm)
“Unlocked Clue 2: The Failed Prophecy” (Visit the fortune teller at the amusement park, and also do “Concert and After Party”)
“Unlocked Clue 3: The Successful Prophecy” (During “Larping with Arch Angel” while driving away from the convention, make the choice “OK, OK, He is in that building ahead” which will take you to the strip club, also do “Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret”)
“Unlocked Clue 4: Lightning Never Strikes Twice” (do both “A New Paint Job” and “Skinny Dipping at Night”)
“Unlocked Clue 5: House Parties” (do both “House Party with Ariane” and “House Party with Rachel”)
“Unlocked Clue 6: Ameca Meca” (do both “Tequila Shots” and “Concert and After Party”)

“Name: Ariane Barnes” (default from Date Ariane)
“Age: 23” (from “House Party With Ariane”)
“Was a Liberal Arts Major in College” (from “Rebecca and Ariane” if you have not met Rebecca on the last date)
“Was a Cheerleader for two years” (from “Rebecca and Ariane” if you have not met Rebecca on the last date)
“Was on the Gymnastics team for two years” (from “Action Girl”, or from “Rebecca and Ariane” if you have not met Rebecca on the last date)
“Has some mechanical skills” (from “Tequila Shots”)
“Has been known to smoke weed” (from “Tequila Shots” if you invite Lydia to Ariane’s house but fail to have a threesome)
“Likes: Dancing, Clubs, Drinking” (default from Date Ariane)
“Likes: To be daring, Semi-dangerous individual sports, roller coasters, being naked, sometimes in public places” (From “Action Girl”)
“Dislikes: Rudeness, Trolls” (any Ariane story where on a previous date you did not go to the strip club)
“Sexual Orientation: Straight, but has made out with other women” (from “Phone Sex”)
“Sexual Orientation: Straight, but has had sex with another woman” (both “Phone Sex” and a successful threesome in “Tequila Shots”)
“Didn’t like the romantic comedy” (Any Ariane story involving going to the romantic comedy)
“Didn’t like the action film” (Any Ariane story involving going to the action film)
“Generally liked the drama, but found it depressing” (Any Ariane story involving going to the Drama)
“Took her shirt off and danced topless at the house party” (from “House Party with Ariane”)
“Seen on a date with Rebecca:” (If you don’t go on a second date with Ariane, Ariane will be on a date with Rebecca in the background of other stories)
“They went to dinner,” (from Stacy “Centerfold”)
“to the concert,” (from Rachel “Concert and After Party” or “The Photoshoot”)
“and then dancing” (from Rachel “Larping With Arch Angel” during the interrogation, select “Very well, he likes to go to the nightclub”)
“Lives in a house with a pool in the suburbs” (default from Date Ariane)
“Drives a blue grey ATV with no roof or doors” (default from Date Ariane)
“Good qualities: Sharp sense of humor” (default from Date Ariane)
” and helping out people she likes, even strangers” (from helping Rebecca get home in “Rebecca and Ariane”, or taking her top off to help Lana in “House Party with Ariane” or kissing Lydia at the bar in “Tequila Shots”)
“Bad quality: Gets brutally honest when driven to anger” (any Ariane story where on a previous date you went to the strip club or “Fuck Buddies”)
“Dated her many times” (choose “Did it All!” in prequel menu)
“Dated her once before” (default from Date Ariane, if you haven’t gone on a second date yet)
“Dated her twice” (default from Date Ariane, if you have gone on a second date)
“Seen her naked” (if prequel date involved nudity, or second date involved nudity)
or “Seen her tits” (if prequel date did not involve nudity, but second date involved partial nudity, for example “House Party with Ariane”)
“Had sex with her before, then again on the last date” (if prequel date involved sex and so did second date)
or “Had sex with her before, but not on the last date” (if prequel date involved sex, but not the second date)
or “Had sex with her for the first time on the second date” (if prequel date did not involve sex, but second date did)
or “Have not had sex with her” (neither prequel or second date involved sex)
“Had butt sex with her” (Set prequel to “Did it All!” and follow “Blackout Fun” walkthrough)
“You and Ariane had a threesome with Lydia” (successful threesome in “Tequila Shots”)
“Current relationship status: The Muse and The Spirit” (choose “Did it All!” in prequel menu, and go out with Ariane again)
or “Current relationship status: Lovers” (Had sex at least once on first or second date)
or “Current relationship status: Fuck Buddies” (from “Fuck Buddies”)
or “Current relationship status: One night stand” (had sex on first date)
or “Current relationship status: Friends who finally did it” (had sex on second date)
or “Current relationship status: Just Friends” (haven’t had sex yet)

“Name: Rachel Spahr” (get her name from bar conversation)
“Age: 19” (waitress states age during dinner)
“College Student, undecided Science major” (talk about college during introduction at bar)
“Career: Super Model Spokesmodel for Loco-Cola” (talk about her career during introduction at bar then ask for more info during dinner or talk about sports during dinner)
“On the cover of Beach Magazine” (talk about books, magazines, then sports or men’s magazines or “Concert and After Party” or “The Photoshoot”)
” You have seen all 7 pages of the article” (see part 1 from “Concert and After Party” or “The Photoshoot”, part 2 from asking about sports at dinner and getting Rachel to sign a copy, part 3 from “Coffee Conversations”)
“Model for comic character Arch Angel” (from “Arch Angel” or “Larping with Arch Angel”)
“Side hobby: Photography and” (from “The Photoshoot” or talking in the car while going to the amusement park)
or “Side hobby: Photography, has her own photo studio” (from “The Photoshoot”)
“You photographed her in very erotic nudes” (follow “The Photoshoot” walkthrough exactly)
“Likes: Honesty” (during bar intro say “So, I’m supposed to distract you while my friend hits on your friend” or during dinner talk about Books, then Magazines, then Mens Magazines)
“Likes: People that share the same geeky interests as her” (finish a successful conversation during dinner)
“Enjoys LARPing (Live Action Role Play)” (from “Larping with Arch Angel”)
“Likes to read, especially sci-fi/fantasy and graphic novels” (during dinner talk about Books and mention these, this will take two dates)
“Likes to read non-fiction science books” (During dinner talk about books, non-fiction, science)
“Likes Action Movies” (from “Coffee Conversations”)
“Likes Video Games, especially RPGs and FPSs” (During dinner talk about video games, First Person Shooters and MMORPG’s, this will take two dates)
“Favorite game is Elemental Realms” (talk about MMORPG’s during dinner or from “Gamer Girl”)
” Her main gaming character is Princess Valena” (from “Gamer Girl”)
“Dislikes: Ignorant” (During dinner conversation talk about atmospheric science, then say you don’t know about global climate change) “Dislikes: Dishonest people” (During dinner conversation say you love the town, or talk books, fiction, romance novels, or Celebrity Gossip magazines because you thought Rachel does, or talk about Men’s magazines)
“Fetish: Only has sex in a Live Action Role Play context” (follow the “Larping with Arch Angel” walkthrough exactly)
“Bisexual? The context of the encounter is more important than gender” (follow the “Larping with Arch Angel” walkthrough exactly)
“An extrovert, she likes being around other people” (from “The Amusement Park”)
“Lives in a luxury 2 bedroom condo just off campus” (from “The Photoshoot” or as a step on the way to the sci-fi convention)
“Drives a small fuel efficient red sports car” (from “The Amusement Park”)
“She’s a vegetarian” (gets brought up during dinner)
“and a Humanist” (Talk about books, non-fiction, religion and philosophy)
” concerned with environmental and global warming issues” (talk about atmospheric science during dinner)
“Has a surprising amount of knowledge about the Porn industry” (from “House Party with Rachel”)
“Website:” (from “Coffee Conversations”)
“Seen her naked” (any time she sheds her clothes, including the dress shop, “The Photoshoot”, “Skinny Dipping At Night”, etc.)
“Had sex with her” (from “Gamer Girl” or “Larping with Arch Angel”)

“Name: Professor Paula Brannigan” (from “Something’s In The Air”)
“Professor of Atmospheric Science” (when you go back to her office, ask her “What are you a Professor of?”)
“Age: 25”
“Lives downtown in a former hotel converted to apartments”
“Loves making and playing games”
“Leader of your Elemental Realms Guild”
“Goes by the alias Mage Cassandra in game”
“You have known her online for 5 years, prior to meeting in person.”
“Has an eidetic (photographic) memory” (from “Something’s In The Air”)
“Has a genius level IQ of 170”
“Has some computer hacking skills” (before the game in the library ask her “How did you do it?”)
“Bachelors at age 17, Masters at 19, first doctorate at 22” (When in her office ask “How is that possible?”)
“Built a weather machine that can create a storm if conditions are ideal” (from “Something’s In The Air”)
“Seen buying donuts at Drive-N-Dine” (Any Ariane date will show this)

“Name: Bonnie” (from “Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret”)
“Bartender at the Cafe Da Silva” (go there with either Ariane or Dave or after baseball)
“Really good at pool”
“Once danced at the Live Cabaret and took off her top, accidentally” (from “Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret”)
“Saw her naked”
“Had sex with her” (after driving her home, pick “Sure I’ll make sure you get inside safe”)
“May not have liked sleeping with you” (have sex with Bonnie once)
“May have an obsessive ex-boyfriend” (have sex with Bonnie twice)
“May be pregnant with your child” (have sex with Bonnie three times)
“May be obsessed with your friend Dave” (have sex with Bonnie four times)
“May be dealing drugs at the bar” (have sex with Bonnie five times)
“May be a sex addict” (have sex with Bonnie six times)
“May be an overly attached girlfriend” (have sex with Bonnie seven times)
“May be an aspiring porn star” (have sex with Bonnie eight times)
“May have roommates that parade around naked” (have sex with Bonnie nine times)

“Name: Veronica”
“Covered in dragon tats”
“Hates Baseball”
“Good: Not shy, very friendly”
“Bad: Doesn’t pay bar tabs”
“Dresses goth or emo likes the style more than culture”
“Seems to be having an affair with a guy named Tanner”
“Stripped nude to be body painted”
“Ran around sci-fi convention in body paint”
“Serial car thief”
“Struck by lightning at sci-fi convention”
“Pronounced dead at the scene” (all from “A New Paint Job”)
“Seen in movie theater around 8PM, but left” (go to the movies with Ariane and see the Romantic Comedy, or let Ariane decide)
“Seen in a bar a little after 8PM” (from “Centerfold”)
“Seen nude at the beach” (during “Topless Volleyball” choose to go naked at the nude beach)

“Name: Stacy Forbes”
“Owner of Live Cabaret Strip Club”
“Posed Nude in latest issue of HooBoy”
“Not liking the extra attention it has brought”
“Dumped a glass of wine on you”
“Saw naked pictures of her” (all from “Centerfold”)
“Threw wine at a guy, it landed on Ariane” (any Ariane date)
“Seems to know Ariane” (any Ariane story where on a previous date you went to the strip club)

“Name: Wendy” (from “Topless Volleyball” or have sex with Bonnie six times)
“Personal trainer at Jim’s Fitness” (from “Topless Volleyball”)
“She gave you a tough workout that wore you out” (do each of her suggested exercises the maximum amount)
“You completely wimped out on a workout with her” (do the bare minimum of her suggested exercises)
“Gave her a ride to the town lake”
“Also works as waitress at the Drive-N-Dine” (from “Topless Volleyball”)
“Works on weekends as waitress at Lizard’s Nightclub” (on your drive to the lake ask “Do you enjoy being a personal trainer?”)
“One of Bonnie’s Roommates” (have sex with Bonnie six times)
“Saw her naked” (from “Topless Volleyball” or have sex with Bonnie nine times)

“Name: Lexi” (have sex with Bonnie nine times, or fail on a Ariane, Rachel, or Stacy date while at the bar and go to the Drive-N-Dine)
“Waitress at the Drive-N-Dine”
“Played Women’s Volleyball in college” (on your drive to the lake with Wendy ask “What is this gig you have at the lake?”)
“Saw her tits at the Drive-N-Dine” (while at Drive-N-Dine ask waitress “Slow night tonight?”)
“Saw her naked” (from “Topless Volleyball” or have sex with Bonnie nine times)
“Wendy and Lexi are team mates”
“Wendy and Lexi won $5000 at a Topless Volleyball tournament” (from “Topless Volleyball”)

“Name: Rebecca” (go to the drama movie with Ariane)
“Works at Lingerie Shop” (go to the drama movie or the lingerie shop during “Something’s In The Air”)
“Former dancer at Live Cabaret”
“Saw her at the gym” (talk to her at the gym or from “Rebecca and Ariane”)
“Dance Major in College” (from “Rebecca and Ariane” if you have not met Rebecca on the last date)
“Friends with Ariane” (go to the drama movie with Ariane)
“Saw nude on previous date with Ariane” (pick a prequel involving Rebecca)
“Sexual Orientation: Gay” (go to the drama movie with Ariane)

“Name: Lydia Lopez” (from “Tequila Shots”)
“Lead singer for band Ameca Meca” (from “Tequila Shots” or pick Lydia while at the gym)
“Saw her at the gym” (pick Lydia at the gym)
“Sexual Orientation: Gay”
“Former lover was keyboardist for the band, but left”
“Gets nervous before a show”(from “Tequila Shots”)
“Joined you and Ariane in bed”
“Had sex with Ariane” (if threesome in “Tequila Shots” is successful)

“Name: Suki”
“Works at Heidi’s Salon”
“Runs desk, and end of day books”
“Also the salon’s makeup artist”
“Belongs to a sorority at College” (In Salon, ask Suki “So, what do you have planned?”)
“Saw topless at House Party” (from “House Party with Rachel”)
or “Saw in wet t-shirt contest” (from “House Party with Ariane”)
“Saw nude at volleyball tournament” (from “Topless Volleyball”)
or “Played Volleyball topless for porn channel” (In Salon, ask Suki “So, what do you have planned?” then take her up on her offer for a cigarette)

“Name: Heidi” (Go to the yoga class at the gym, or the salon with Rachel)
“Owner of Heidi’s Salon” (from “The Photoshoot” or “Concert And After Party”)
“Created Ariane’s New Style” (go to the drama with Ariane)
“Seen in the Yoga Class” (Go to the yoga class at the gym)
“Lavish lifestyle despite middle class income”
“Belongs to secret exclusive club for rich and powerful” (In Salon, ask Suki “Why do you have to stay?” then take her up on her offer for a cigarette)


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