SITA Cut Scene Stacy At The Gym

At the gym you attempt to talk to a hot blonde who looks oddly familiar.


You walk up to her while she is jogging on the treadmill
You “Hi there, enjoying your work out?”
Hot Blonde “Do you work for the Gym?”
You “No”
Hot Blonde “Then why do you want to know?”
You “Just a way to say HI.”
Hot Blonde “Well then HI right back at you. Anything else?”
You “Well you seem familiar to me and was wondering, have we met?”
Hot Blonde “No we haven’t! Amazing how many guys think they recognize me but do not know where.”
You “Oh…Kay… Wait, now you got me curious.”
You “I got up the courage to talk to you. Reject me, fine. Just tell me where I have seen you.”


she stops her treadmill
Hot Blonde “Very insistant aren’t you. Very well, but since I am the one with the knowledge you seek, a few questions first.”
You “All right, shoot.”
Hot Blonde “There are other beautiful women here, why did you pick me to talk to?”
You “Because I thought I knew you.”
Hot Blonde “Not because I am more beautiful than the others here?”
You “I wouldn’t say that.”


Hot Blonde “(in a slutty voice, staring into your eyes) So you DO find me beautiful?”
You “Yes.”


Hot Blonde “And you would like to see me naked?”
You “Oh, yes!”


she turns away, starts the treadmill up again
Hot Blonde “Hoo Boy, On newstands everywhere, 7 dollars, page 34 to 42. You can skip page 38 though, that angle makes my butt look big.”

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