SITA Cut Scene Rachel’s Car

The Heidi cut scene has Heidi’s car stolen in the morning, there would be a detective puzzle that would point to Veronica as the culprit.

Originally, the car that Veronica steals at 8:30 PM would be Rachel’s red sports car. If you are at the amusement park or the sci-fi convention, Rachel’s car would not be there for Veronica to steal, but if you were at the theater, Rachel would get a text message in the middle of the movie and would leave to deal with the stolen car.

If you went to the night club, Rachel would get that text in the middle of getting her hair done, and would then call a security team retained by the modeling agency to deal with it.


When you left the club, the security agent would be there with the car.

Rachel “Thanks Sam for getting the car back for me.”
Samantha “Be more careful where you park it next time, now let me drive you home.”
Rachel “Good idea.”


Rachel “Thanks for everything, Sam.”
Samantha “No problem. Too bad I didn’t catch who stole it. There has been a rash of stolen cars, yours is my second of the day.”
You “So Sam…Where was the first stolen car parked?”
Samantha “At Jim’s Fitness Center, stolen right out of the parking lot.”
You “Wow, I was there this morning!”
Samantha “This happened around 9 AM.”
You “Oh, before I got there. That explains the police cars in the parking lot though.”
Samantha “Yeah, that was me.”
You “You are a Police officer?”
Samantha “Yeah, by day. I do private security part time at night.”
Rachel “She works for a security firm that is retained by my modeling agency, They provide bodyguards and other security stuff we think we may need.”
You “Cool, any leads on whose stealing these cars?”
Samantha “There might be more than one, but this morning was also a fancy sports car, and was also taken to the lake.”
Rachel “That’s strange. So the thief must be at the lake then?”
Samantha “Probably, but that leaves about 300 suspects all in costumes.”
Rachel “What? There’s a costume party at the lake?”
Samantha “Yeah, some sci-fi/fantasy convention at the outdoor event center.”
Rachel “Damn, that would have been a lot more fun than the concert. Wish I would have heard about it, I would have gone myself.”
You “Thanks from me too.”
Samantha “You are very welcome.”

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