SITA Cut Scene Heidi’s Car

Heidi was designed to be the stereotypical “dumb blonde” who is a genius when it comes to hair (and a couple of other things). That quality shows up in the Salon scenes of the game as an overly patient Suki practically runs the place due to Heidi’s business incompetence.

In this cut scene, we see her lack of genius at work.


You “Hi, it looks like you can use some help.”
Blonde Girl “Yes I can, I am trying to figure out this walking thing.”
You “You mean the treadmill.”
Blonde Girl “Is that what they call these things?”
You “Yes it is. To start you just hit the red button in the center.”
Blonde Girl “This button?”
You “Yep, that’s the one.


She presses the button and forgets to walk, falling on her ass.
Blonde Girl “Ouch. A little help here please.”


Blonde Girl “Thanks for helping me up.”
You “It was nothing.”
Blonde Girl “Wanna help out some more? I need a spotter for my yoga class. Want to learn a little yoga?”
You “Do yoga classes need spotters?”
Blonde Girl “I think so… hmm, maybe not. Well wanna come to yoga, anyways?”
You “I have never tried yoga, not much of a man’s form of exercise.”
Blonde Girl “There have been guys in my previous classes.”
You “Sure I’ll give it a shot.”
You tell her your name
Blonde Girl “Pleased to meet you, my name is Heidi.”

(this is where the yoga scene goes)

Heidi “Walk me to my car?”
You “Sure.”


You walk Heidi to where she remembers parking her car.
Heidi “(confused) Wait I’m sure I parked my car right here. Second row from the building, three spaces from the tree.”
You “This is the space, its not your red mustang?”
Heidi “I think I know what my car looks like. I drive a blue viper.”
You “You drive a Viper? One of those fancy expensive sports cars?”
Heidi “Yes and I parked it right here!”
Heidi is getting upset, and starting to panic. So far she has shown no signs of being mentally competent. Your first thought is that she parked it elsewhere.
Heidi runs back inside the gym, you wander around the parking lot looking for a blue Viper.
After circling the parking lot, the only blue car you spot is Ariane’s blue SUV.


You return to where you started, Heidi has returned to the scene of an apparent crime.
Heidi “(very upset) I can’t believe this is happening, Wendy. I know this is where I parked it, I know I locked it, and its GONE!”
Wendy “I know, I know, Jim has already called the police, they will be here soon. Just calm down, we’ll get your car back. Now are you sure this is where…”
You “(interrupting) I’ve been all over the parking lot, there are no blue Vipers parked anywhere in this lot.”
Heidi “Oh my god. (she starts to cry)”


Wendy “I’m sorry honey, it will work out.”


cop “Maam, can you describe the car?”
Heidi “Its a blue viper.”
cop “Do you know the licence plate?”
Heidi “Yeah, it was personalized, it says HEIDISV”
cop “Did it have any anti theft mechanisms?”
Heidi “Yeah, the dealer says it has one of those low thingies.”
cop “A Low Jack tracking device?”
Heidi “Yeah, that.”


cop “Dispatch this is Unit 6, we have a 487 late model Viper, blue, licence plate hotel echo india delta india sierra victor, copy”
inaudible noise
cop “Roger dispatch, can we activate low jack and get a fix?”
more inaudible noise, a couple of minutes of dead air, then more inaudible noise.
cop “Roger dispatch”


cop “The car has been located parked at the lake.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
cop “We have a detective on the way out there to investigate.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
cop “We have had a rash of stolen sports cars recently.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
cop “Don’t worry, we have manage to find most of them, and they are usually returned undamaged.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
Wendy “Any leads on who’s doing this?”
cop “Just some technically sophisticated joy rider as far as we can tell.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
inaudible radio noise returns


cop “Thanks dispatch.”

cop “They located your car at the lake, it looks fine.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
Wendy “Can you take us to the lake?”
cop “I’m sorry, I can’t, I have to stay here in my precinct.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
cop “If you can get there yourself, you can take it back once the detective is done investigating.”
cop “If not you can pick it up monday at the precinct impound lot. You will have to pay the tow bill.”
Heidi “Oh my God!”
Wendy “Don’t worry Heidi, insurance will pay the impound fee and towing.”
cop “Maam, where do you live?”
Heidi “I live in an apartment downtown”
cop “Maam, I can drive you home if you wish.”
Wendy “Honey, you live right above your salon.”
Heidi “Oh… right.”

Now is your chance to help out


You “Umm, I could take you to the lake if you want to, we could pick up your car.”
Heidi “You would do that?”
You “Sure, why not?”
Heidi “(a little calmer now) That would be great, thank you.”
Wendy “Yes, that would be wonderful.”
Heidi “Wendy, will you come with us?”
Wendy “I really should get back… uh… oh of course I will.”


Heidi and Wendy climb into the back seat of your car, and you drive them out to the lake.
Heidi “Thanks for coming with me, Wendy.”
Wendy “Hey, what are neighbors for?”
Heidi “Aw come on, we have been “neighbors” for years, I think by now we’ve moved up to “friends”.”
Wendy “Friends it is then.”
Heidi “Getting a car stolen really gets on my nerves.”
Wendy “You are going to get it back.”
Heidi “I know it … its just… I feel violated. Even if I get my car back, no harm no foul, I’ll know someone else was driving my car. The car will feel “used” … I’ll feel “used”.”
Wendy “I know exactly how you feel.”
Heidi “Do you even own a car?”
Wendy “No, but I know what it is like to be stolen from. My Ex, bled me into debt until I kicked his lazy ass out.”
Heidi “Oh yeah, I remember him. What was his name again?”
Wendy “Lying Bastard”
Heidi “(a smile breaks through) That was it. So where is Mr. Bastard these days?”
Wendy “Homeless in the streets for all I care. Haven’t seen him in four months, and yet I’m still working three jobs to pay off the debt he created.”
Heidi “Wow, three jobs. So I know about the personal trainer job because I see you there.”
Wendy “Which is part time, pays the least, but is the one I enjoy the most. Its minimum wage, plus commissions if I sell new memberships, but I work only with people that are already members, so no commissions.”
Heidi “And I believe you are at Lizard’s Nightclub?”
Wendy “My newest gig. Conveniently located across the street from us. I work weekends, and whatever nights they are short staffed. Its also minimum, but tips more than double my salary.”
Wendy “That’s where I’ll be tonight. We got a live band playing tonight, guaranteed full house of thirsty customers who tip well.”
Heidi “And what’s the third job?”
Wendy “I’m a full time waitress at the Drive-N-Dine.”
Heidi “So you have to wear that “barely there” waitress uniform?”
Wendy “And get paid very well for it, too. It’s the bulk of my income. How are you doing in the hair styling business?”
Heidi “Very well, Since I took over the salon from Dolores, I’ve become the top stylist in town.”
Wendy “Really, doing that well are you?”
Heidi “I get by.”
Wendy “With a fancy sports car, I’d say you are doing better than that.”
Heidi “Which then ends up getting stolen.”
You “Don’t worry about it, you will get your car back. … We’re almost there anyways.”
You turn on the radio
(on radio): “Caller number 8 will get two free tickets to tonights Ameca Meca concert at Lizard’s Nightclub.”

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