SITA Cut Scene Do You Know Any Gymnasts?

One week later…


Paula “Sorry to barge in on you like this, but all of our lives are in danger.”
You “Come on in.”
Paula “Can I borrow your computer?”
You “Of course.”


You “Why is my life in danger?”
Rachel “Someone is after us for what we did last week.”
Rachel “They already got Tom, so they know you were involved too. I hope he is OK.”
Paula “I don’t think he knows where you live though, so we are safe here.”
Rachel “Unless we were followed.”
Paula “No I don’t remember any car following us for very long, and you know you can trust my memory.”
You “Why are they after us?”
Rachel “Some girl got struck by lightning and they are blaming us for her death.”
Paula “That’s just a silly pretext, it will never hold up.”


Paula “The truth is that we changed the world last week, and there are some powerful people that like the world the way it is.”
You “Do we have a way out?”
Paula “Yes, but we need leverage, and that leverage is on the roof of the Ellison building.”
You “The storm making equipment.”
Paula “It’s still there as far as I know, but with Tom in their custody, it may not be for long.”
You “How do we get to it?”
Paula “I got the blueprints to the building on the computer.”


Paula “We can ride the elevator most of the way, there is a private club on the top two floors.”
Paula “The only way to avoid security is through this observation lounge.”
Paula “I’ve been in there, it is still under construction. Lots of exposed beams and pipes and scaffolding.”
Rachel “Looks like there is a hatch to the roof there, but it is 20 feet above the floor.”
Paula “And we won’t have a ladder, they are stored here in the maintenance room.”
Rachel “So how do we get up there?”
Paula “Only way is to climb the scaffolding.”
Rachel “Can’t be done, at least not by us. Maybe a mountain climber, or an acrobat, or a gymnast could do it.”


Rachel “You wouldn’t happen to know a good gymnasts do you?”

To Be Continued…

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