SITA Cut Scene Breakfast With Dave

The Drive-N-Dine is a fast food chain decorated like 50’s diners. The chain is most famous for its waitresses than its food. Upon arrival for breakfast this morning, all there is is food.
Cook “What can I get you gentlemen today?”
Dave “Is Flo around? She is usually here on Saturdays”
Cook “Flo called out”
Dave “Oh, bummer. Any other waitresses?”
Cook “Not ’til lunch time, now are you going to order something or what?”
Dave “Very well, Eggs and toast, and a cup of coffee.”
You “Pancakes for me, and a glass of milk please.”
Cook “Coming right up.”


A newspaper is sitting on the counter, Dave grabs it and turns to the sports page.
Dave “Too bad we don’t have a baseball team here.”
You “What are you talking about, we DO have a baseball team.”
Dave “No we don’t, we have a volleyball team, while their opponents play baseball. Did you see the game last night? Five fucking errors!”
You acknowledge that Dave may have a point, it has been a crazy season.
You “Hmm, according to the standings they are only 2 games away from first, and they can narrow it to one with a win today.”
Dave “More likely they will be 3 behind after today, the way Diego has been pitching.”
You “Don’t worry, football season is right around the corner.”
Dave “Too bad we don’t have a football team here.”


You finish breakfast, Dave pays for both of you, you throw in a few bucks for a tip.
Dave “SO, 7:00 at the Cafe da Silva bar, you going to be there?”
You “Sure, … I guess… why not?”
Dave “Excellent! And dress… better than you usually do.”

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