SITA Character Rachel Spahr

sita7Name: Rachel Spahr
Age: 19
College Student, undecided Science major
Career: Super Model Spokesmodel for Loco-Cola
On the cover of Beach Magazine
Model for comic character Arch Angel
Side hobby: Photography, has her own photo studio
Likes: Honesty
Likes: People that share the same geeky interests as her
Likes to read, especially sci-fi/fantasy and graphic novels
Likes to read non-fiction science books
Enjoys LARPing (Live Action Role Play)
Likes Action Movies
Likes Video Games, especially RPGs and FPSs. Favorite game is Elemental Realms, her main gaming character is Princess Valena
Dislikes: Ignorant and dishonest people
Fetish: Only has sex in a Live Action Role Play context
Bisexual? The context of the encounter is more important than gender
An extrovert, she likes being around other people
Lives in a luxury 2 bedroom condo just off campus
Drives a small fuel efficient red sports car
She’s a vegetarian and a Humanist concerned with environmental and global warming issues
Has a surprising amount of knowledge about the Porn industry

Personality: Extrovert geek
Relationships: Student of Paula Brannigan,
Knows Rebecca, Lydia Lopez, Heidi, and Stephen

Stories involved with:
Story 2: A Man About Town
Coffee Conversations
The Amusement Park
Gamer Girl
House Party With Rachel
The Photoshoot
Concert and After Party
The Costume Contest
Arch Angel
Larping with Arch Angel
Skinny Dipping At Night
Paula: Something’s In The Air

Date Ariane cameo: Seen coming out of La Cantina, seen dancing at Lizzard’s Nightclub

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