SITA Character Dr. Paula Brannigan


Name: Professor Paula Brannigan
Professor of Atmospheric Science
Age: 25
Lives downtown in a former hotel converted to apartments
Loves making and playing games
Leader of your Elemental Realms Guild goes by the alias Mage Cassandra in game
You have known her online for 5 years prior to meeting in person.
Has an eidetic (photographic) memory
Has a genius level IQ of 170
Has some computer hacking skills
Bachelors at age 17, Masters at 19, first doctorate at 22
Built a weather machine that can create a storm if conditions are ideal

Personality: Smart, calculating
Relationships:Rachel’s teacher
Stories involved in: Paula: Something’s In The Air

Date Ariane cameo: Seen in the street outside of her apartment as well as the dressing room in the Lingerie store.

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