SITA Character Ariane Barnes


Name: Ariane Barnes
Age: 23
Was a Liberal Arts Major in College
Was a Cheerleader for two years
Was on the Gymnastics team for two years
Has some mechanical skills
Has been known to smoke weed
Likes: Dancing, Clubs, Drinking
Likes: To be daring, Semi-dangerous individual sports, Roller coasters, being naked, sometimes in public places
Dislikes: Rudeness, Trolls
Sexual Orientation: Straight, but has had sex with another woman
Didn’t like the romantic comedy
Didn’t like the action film
Generally liked the drama, but found it depressing
Took her shirt off and danced topless at the house party
Seen on a date with Rebecca: They went to dinner, to the concert, and then dancing
Lives in a house with a pool in the suburbs
Drives a blue grey ATV with no roof or doors
Good qualities: Sharp sense of humor and helping out people she likes, even strangers
Bad quality: Gets brutally honest when driven to anger

Personality: Action girl
Other qualities: Funny, daring, not into long term sexual relationships, likes variety
Relationships: Went to college with Rebecca, Had sex with Lydia Lopez, Knows Stacy Forbes

Stories involved in:
Story 1: Another Date With Ariane
Ariane and Rebecca
Phone Sex
Blackout Fun
Celebrity Sightings
Tequila Shots
House Party With Ariane
Getting Drunk at Ariane’s Place
Fuck Buddies
Makeup Sex
Safety Pullout

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