Things To Do In The Mountains When No One is Watching

photo14Start with Pizza Dinner or Steak Dinner, then:

Go to the living room
Massage her shoulders
Go somewhere else
Go for a drive
Get in the drivers seat
Go get some gas
Fill up tank
Head for the outskirts
Drive into the mountains


So far the same as Adventure With A View, now we go for model poses. To get through the photoshoot, always give a compliment after each photo, and let her make the choices herself unless she asks for your opinion.

You could be a model
Ask her to try a modeling pose
Ask her for an even sexier pose
Yes, perfect.
Ask her for what she is comfortable with
That’s the sexiest!
Wow, you are so beautiful!
What are you willing to do?
I couldn’t help it you have a nice butt
You could be an underwear model
Jump like a cheerleader
You would look good even in motion blur
You have classic pinup looks
That is daring and very hot!
They would see a beautiful naked ass if they did
How about a semi nude front shot? (either choice here will work)
Let her decide what to do next (if you chose nude back, you will skip this)
You have an incredible body
You are just too hot to be arrested!
Nice ass
Your breasts are beautiful in any position
Yes, that is a fun picture.
What are you willing to do?
You are very daring
Do as she asks

There are two choices leading to different erotic endings

Cover your genitals
All right


Let it all hang out
Pose for the shot
How about you touching my penis?
Return the favor

And that’s how to get through the scenic photoshoot successfully!

27 thoughts on “Things To Do In The Mountains When No One is Watching

  1. K E N N

    How do I get this ending? She keeps saying she’s done and decides to head back home after the “Classic pinup looks” option. I’ve been repeating everything and can’t seem to get the full ending.

    Ps. I had to made her drink 2 glasses of wine so I can drive her jeep. Just having steak dinner and massaging her shoulders doesn’t seem to allow me to drive at all.

      1. K E N N

        I’ve done that , she doesn’t let me drive after just a glass of wine , need at least 2 glasses.

        But my gameplay with her stops at the Classic pinup looks , she will decide to head back home. I’ve done everything stated above but won’t seem to get the full story.

  2. Christopher Higgins

    I have downloaded this but unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work. I tried the steak dinner and 2 glasses of wine, and it still doesn’t work.

  3. Christopher

    Same problem- steak dinner, wine, and all the right steps but she bails after the cheerleader pix. Cannot get the ending.

    Looking forward to the release of Rachel and Ariane.

  4. Jim AP

    Weird. I had gotten to the sex ending in the past but now can’t get to it. I follow all the steps of the steak dinner and this and after the artistic pose on top of the car, she decides to call it quits.

  5. Can't say

    She wants come back to home after i click you are just too hot to be arrested . I did all steps correctly and try pizza and steak dinner but everything finish at the true artist achievement .

  6. Can't say

    I can find if you want to continue you must kiss her and grab her breasts at chouch before go for a drive to the mountain .

  7. Ranger

    Ending is not same after pinup looks player say ur panties are not good and both travel back to home. fix it (pc version)

  8. Ian Gallagher

    Found a way to get this to work on the APK veesion. Pizza Dinner works afaik.
    1. After having steak/pizza, get her plastered. She has to consume 5 glasses of wine.
    2. Do the steps that leads to the “Couch Sex” part, but instead of asking her to take off her shirt and etc. Ask to go for a drive.
    3. Do all the steps listed in the walkthrough and you’re set.

  9. Dan

    You just need to get her drunk before leaving house, 4 drinks I think (just one short of her passing out in bed)… One in kitchen, one in backyard before dinner, one in dinner, another 1 or 2 in the couch… Then she will do everything.

  10. rundownrunner

    Can’t Say above has it correct. After going through Steak Dinner, you need to Go To The Living Room, and while there, Kiss Her and then Grab Her Breasts. Then Go Somewhere Else, Go For A Drive, and so on. Those extra two steps unlock the Blow Job and/or the Money Shot.

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