Shopping Spree


Going to start this time with Pants Off at the Park. We are now downtown.

Dress Shop

There are 12 racks each with a half of a dress. If you pick two bottoms or two tops, you lose. The secret is this: The 6 outside racks (first and fourth column) are all skirts. The 6 inside racks (second and third) are all tops. Pick one outside rack and one inside rack until you get a match. The dresses are color coded black, white, red, green, blue, and purple, and are distributed randomly so there is never a perfect answer.

Once you find a match:

Go somewhere else

which takes you home.



Go to the convenience store
Let’s go in the store
Pay for the beer and head out
Kiss her lips
Kiss her neck and grab her breast
Reach around and grab her ass
Drink a beer
Drink a beer
Drink a beer
Accept the suggestion

Dance with her a couple of times and she will be in the mood to do anything… naked!


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