Pool Hijinx


We haven’t done a Backyard Picnic start yet. It ends with Ariane in the backyard in a swimsuit. First I am going to show you something rare.

Go Swimming
Try to untie her bikini top

Most people never try this assuming it ends the game but under the right circumstances it is a doable move.

Keep the top
Keep the top
Knock on the door
Look in the front yard
Check the mailbox

swimraceahead4How to win or lose a swim race:

Go swimming
Swim some more
Challenge her to a race

The time in seconds between clicking A and C determines outcome, if less than 2 seconds you will lose by running out of breath, if more than 2.5 seconds, you will lose by being too slow. To win you have to time your clicks between 2 and 2.5 seconds.

Click whatever comes up until Ariane laves the pool.

Time to hit the showers*

If you won the race:

Go inside and shower off
Wait in the hallway (Follow into the bathroom seems to be broken after winning the race).



Go to the kitchen
Decline the suggestion

Ariane should now be suggesting: “What do you say we grab some alcohol out of the cabinet and get plastered?”

Accept the suggestion
Drink Absinthe

You will end the game with 1 of 5 random endings.

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