Pants Off At The Park


This is a less than ideal start, but it is a fun start to the date: The Park, The Diner, and The Museum

Give her a hug
Read her a poem
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan…
Go to another room
Let’s go for a walk
Take the other swing
Climb on top and hang upside down
Let’s go out to dinner
Hand the waitress a $20.
Eat Dinner
Give her a compliment
You are beautiful, ever consider posing nude?
Talk to her

The rest of these walkthroughs will start where one of these 5 dinner walkthroughs end. It is highly recommended to save your game at this point.

And you are now downtown, where you can shop or drink, or go dancing.


  • Hi, just came across this error when I choose dinner by the pool, look through the telescope and answer the question correctly after the pants off at the park.

    I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
    While running game code:
      File "game/dinners.rpy", line 202, in script
        show expression Funsteak1[dress] at top
    Exception: Not a displayable: 0
    -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
    Full traceback:
      File "game/dinners.rpy", line 202, in script
        show expression Funsteak1[dress] at top
      File "/private/var/folders/vx/wy2vqc3j4lxd1jyvvqjx5g700000gn/T/AppTranslocation/2811FD60-5FEE-4ED0-9768-CB375B5EA67D/d/Date", line 1075, in execute
        show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, "atl", None))
      File "/private/var/folders/vx/wy2vqc3j4lxd1jyvvqjx5g700000gn/T/AppTranslocation/2811FD60-5FEE-4ED0-9768-CB375B5EA67D/d/Date", line 1034, in show_imspec
        expression = renpy.easy.displayable(expression)
      File "/private/var/folders/vx/wy2vqc3j4lxd1jyvvqjx5g700000gn/T/AppTranslocation/2811FD60-5FEE-4ED0-9768-CB375B5EA67D/d/Date", line 108, in displayable
        raise Exception("Not a displayable: %r" % (d,))
    Exception: Not a displayable: 0
    Date Ariane 1.20
  • how do u get her to have oral sex?

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