Old Pics Rebecca

Rebecca was introduced in version 5 of the game. Shown above is the original bar scenes (using “Vampires The Masquerade: Bloodlines” screenshots) and the original “traditional” strip routine she does on amateur night.

Version 6 introduced an option that ended up drinking and possibly sleeping at Ariane’s house instead of the swim party. It also introduced the “Tennis Instructor” routine.

Version 7 used new sets in the Lingerie store, the bar, and the background.

For 10th Anniversary, I upgraded the Rebecca model from Stephanie 3 to Victoria 4, keeping the petite body, blonde hair, blue eyes, but giving her a new hair style and better clothes. Also, Ariane’s backyard is different.

For the HD version, I needed an HD Rebecca. Slightly different face and outfit, and not quite as insanely skinny. She wears leather pants and her shirt more unbuttoned to show her lace bra.

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