Scenic View Achievements

Moon For The Camera

Covered in Adventure With a View

True Artist

This one is usually achieved by accident, but if you are too good at this game you will miss it. It involves Things To Do in the Mountains When No One is Watching but skipping the first 3 steps after dinner.

Or more precisely: Start with Steak Dinner

Go for a drive
Get in the drivers seat
Go get some gas
Fill up tank
Head for the outskirts
Drive into the mountains
You could be a model
Ask her to try a modeling pose
Ask her for an even sexier pose
Yes, perfect.
Ask her for what she is comfortable with
That’s the sexiest!
Wow, you are so beautiful!
What are you willing to do?
I couldn’t help it you have a nice butt
You could be an underwear model
Jump like a cheerleader
You would look good even in motion blur
You have classic pinup looks
That is daring and very hot!
They would see a beautiful naked ass if they did
How about a semi nude front shot? (either choice here will work)
Let her decide what to do next (if you chose nude back, you will skip this)
You have an incredible body
You are just too hot to be arrested!

The photoshoot will end with the picture of her on the hood of the car which will unlock the achievement.

Money Shot

Covered in Things To Do in the Mountains When No One is Watching with the sex ending.

Blow Job

Do Things To Do in the Mountains When No One is Watching and select “Let it all hang out” option.

Kiss Where It Counts

Easily achievable after you get Blow Job above.

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